The Volvo V70 is an amazing station-wagon produced and manufactured by Volvo. This car made its debut in the year 1996 and the production of this car has entered in its very third generation. The Volvo V70 belongs to a class of mid-size car/executive car and a mid-size crossover. The body-style of this car is 5-door estate as well as 5-door crossover. This car is able to give a layout of front engine, front wheel drive or four wheel drive. The Volvo V70 is amazingly quick and fine as to its performance and gorgeous as to its looks. 

There are a number of cars in Cyprus that are being sold at large and the Volvo V70 is certainly one of them. Each and every model of the car has been provided with some breath-taking features and specifications that make this car the most desirable car in all the cities of EU Cyprus. Following is the year-wise description of the models of the Volvo V70. Presentation of the car in the commercial video.

2010 Volvo V70:

The 2010 Volvo V70 adorns a bossy-style of an estate/station wagon along with a seating capacity of 4-5 passengers. Due to its amazing features and specifications, this car has become the most loved car among the people of Sotira, Famagusta and Paphos. The base engine size of 2 litres with 5 straight cylinder gives an amazing performance along with good speed that is controlled by the 6-speed manual transmission and its drivetype of front wheel drive. The fuel used by the car is diesel which makes the car run as smooth as butter. 

2011 Volvo V70:

Like its previous model, the model of the year 2011 too embraces a body-style of a station wagon/estate and has a seating capacity of maximum 5 passengers. This station wagon can be taken anywhere on the roads of Nicosia, Alambara and Alona where you can take part in your daily as well as leisure activities. Inside the gearbox of the car, you will find a 6-speed manual transmission that has been coupled with a front wheel drive to ensure a smooth performance. This car is equipped with some amazing interiors and exteriors like power steering, air conditioning, central locking, alloy wheels, alarm system, electric windows and mirrors as well as cruise control. 

2012 Volvo V70:

With an ample fuel tank capacity of 70 litres and a fine seating capacity of 5 passengers, this car can be taken anywhere in EU Cyprus and you can enjoy all the levels of convenience and comfort here. The makers have incorporated 2 different gearboxes in this car, namely 6-speed automatic transmission as well as 6-speed manual transmission. The 1.6 litres of engine delivers a breath-taking performance even on the roughest of roads of Southern Cyprus. This car delivers an average performance of 180 hp @ 6000 rpm. 

2013 Volvo V70:

The 2013 model of the V70 is a power-packed monster. The base engine size of 2 litres of the car along with the line-up of 5 straight cylinders is able to deliver a fine performance up to 163 PS @ 3500 rpm. This car is amazing as to its interiors and exteriors. There are features like instrumentation, power features, telematics, comfort, convenience and a number of safety features to ensure the safety of the passengers. The fuel tank capacity of the car is 70 litres and this car is based on a 6-speed manual transmission that ensures a swift drive. 

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2003 Volvo V70 XC - Off-Road Test Drive & Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.