It is a wonderful experience to zoom along the beautiful roads of Larnaka and other cities of Cyprus in a Volkswagen EOS on a lazy summer day. The new improvised version has a new top that can be operated with the touch of a button which is perfect for a drive during the sunny days. The handy Roof control module makes for a more customized driving experience that enables you to do things like putting the top up and down when driving naturally.

The Volkswagen Eos has a unique 5 piece folding hardtop that goes well with the new body panels. The design of the VW EOS is made in such a way that it caters to both the 2.0-liter turbo motor which generates 200 horsepower and also the 3.2-liter VR6 motor which is capable of generating 250 horsepower. The new Volkswagen Direct shift gearbox is used to transport the power produced by the engines. Commercial video describes the beauty of this model in more detail.

The new version of the VW Eos offers 5 engine versions ranging from 85kW/115 PS to 184kW/250 PS. The specifications of the new version of VW EOS has alloy wheels, steering wheel, 8 hydraulic cylinders, ESP along with electric windows, air conditioning, front airbags, front head restraints, head-thorax airbags, and also roll over protection system.

The parting of the roof panels and the manner in which the body panels lift and fold within just 30 seconds is something that is admirable in the new VW EOS for car enthusiasts. You can enjoy fresh air in the car by opening the sunroof of EOS when on a drive. Look crash test video and check the strength of the car body.

Cyprus is a fantastic place to visit as the islands have a long history which is reflected by the places and monuments there. The Larnaka Fort is one of the Cyprian cities that should never be missed on your trip. The Fort was built in the year 1625, and is now home to a medieval museum that has armors and other historic objects on display. Compare the car's parameters to compare with the model Volkswagen Golf and choose for themselves an interesting option. Take a road trip to the city on a Volkswagen EOS which will be a wonderful experience in a lifetime. More information about this car, see the video review.

Volkswagen EOS is also a very affordable model whose prices range from below $28,000 for a basic model to a maximum of $36,850 for an automatic version. And purchasing a second hand VW EOS from us would be even more affordable with all the best features in good working condition. 

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2007 Volkswagen Eos Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.