The Toyota Yaris is a class of sub-compact car produced by Toyota, replacing its previous creation, Toyota Starlet. The Yaris sparked the automobile-market firstly in the year 1999 and since then it has been excelling as a result of its amazing looks, great performance and upgraded features and specifications. Some of the markets between the year 1999 and 2005 received this vehicle under the name of Toyota Echo. The predecessors of this car are Toyota Starlet and Toyota Tercel. The name of this vehicle has been derived from the word Charis which indicates the Greek Goddess of charm and beauty. As of now, this car has been sold under three diverse generations. It also has a great list of advantages following the model Toyota 4runner.

Our website, is used as a big medium to carry out the sale as well as purchase of four-wheelers in EU Cyprus. Using our platform, you can sell Yaris in Cyprus at fine prices. Apart from selling your car, you can also use this website as a medium to purchase a brand new or a used Toyota Yaris. This Toyota vehicle is classy and comfortable. The following features and specifications of the Yaris make it the buzz of the hour. 

An amazing hatchback body-type: 

The body-type of the different models of the Toyota Yaris is same - hatchback. The hatchback body style is very sporty and comfortable and can be driven into the narrowest as well as busiest of the roads. Thus, what are you waiting for? Drive in to any of the models of the year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014 of the Yaris and indulge yourself in activities like sporting, driving, shopping, partying, etc. 

Decent enough engine size: 

The engine-size of all the models of the Toyota Yaris is similar. Thus, the models of the year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 all are provided with an engine size of 1.3 l. The performance at the front of the engine is amazing. You can drive the newest model of the year 2014 all over the roads of Limassol, Agios Mamas and Agios Pavlos. All features in the video review.

All the models of the Yaris run on petrol: 

The makers haven't experimented much in terms of the features and specifications of the Yaris. All the models of the recent years are able to run on petrol and guarantee you a smooth driving experience. Whether the roads are smooth or rough, just swing into your Yaris and have the time of your life. 

Automatic transmission of the Yaris: 

If you are looking out for new or second hand cars to sell and the choice of your transmission is automatic, you should definitely go for Toyota Yaris. All the models of the Yaris are based on an automatic transmission type that fetches a controlled and a smooth driving experience. 

Choose the best from the colorful Yaris: 

Apart from these features and specifications, the makers of the Yaris have made all the models available in some fine colors like white, black, green, gray, silver, red and orange leaving you with a diverse choice to choose from.

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2016 Toyota Yaris Sedan Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.