Toyota Starlet is a subcompact car manufactured by Toyota, which is a Japanese auto manufacturer. The car was built between 1973 and 1999. The first generation was offered in coupe, sedan and station wagon body styles. The car was offered in 993 cc and 1166 cc engines. The second generation known as the 60 series was made between 1978 and 1984. The car featured hatchback and wagon body styles. A 1290 cc engine was added with the previous ones. The 70 series was made from 1984 to 1989. The car was assembled in Japan and Jakarta, Indonesia. The car had 4-speed manual, 5-speed manual, 3-speed automatic and 4-speed automatic transmission. The 70 series was available as 3 or 5 door hatchback or a 3 door van. The 80 series was made from 1989 to 1995 and was available as 3 or 5 door hatchback. The last generation of Toyota Starlet was made between 1996 and 1999. The series featured both petrol and diesel engines.

Toyota has been a popular name in car making industry for a long time now. The Japanese car maker has grown by leaps and bounds through continued focus on service and innovation. Like the rest of the world, Toyota has built a strong brand presence in Cyprus, Europe. People are interested in buying Toyota cars because of the company’s excellent track record for providing incredible after sales service. Citizens of European Cyprus interested in buying used Toyota cars can log onto, which is an online portal for buying and selling used cars. All major cities are covered by our services. So for example people looking to buy used Toyota Starlet in Larnaca, Limassol or Pamphos can visit our services for a reliable service. Our website is tailor made for the requirements of first time car buyers as we have a dedicated team of trained experts working to resolve all your queries. You can compare the car's parameters to compare with the model Toyota Verso and choose for themselves an interesting option.

Toyota Starlet was a great success for the Japanese company as it established Toyota as a trustworthy brand capable of building high quality automobiles. The car features well designed interiors with premium quality of materials used. All engines ranging from 993 cc to 1453 cc are capable of providing refined road performance. The car is available in both manual and automatic transmission. Toyota Starlet provides great handling with very less body roll while turning corners. The car coming from Toyota is expected to be fuel-efficient and that is exactly what it provides. Best car in video review.

Toyota has won many hearts across the world with its fresh and bold approach to car making. Toyota Starlet is a gem from Toyota’s glorious past which anyone would be lucky to own. If you wish to buy used Toyota Starlet in Nicosia and Famagusta, just visit for a speedy process.

Owning A Starlet GT, Modified Car Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.