Toyota Prius is one of the first ever mass produced hybrid vehicles that made its name when it was first introduced in the market in 1997 by Toyota. The Toyota Prius car falls under the Compact car and the mid-size car class with sedan and hatchback body styles. It is a popular design and considered as one of the cleanest vehicles that made whooping sales when it was first unveiled in the market. Since then, things have been getting better and with the third generation Toyota Prius, the sales have been merrier. In Cyprus, especially in our site, the situation is the same because we have several customers who are interested in these cars, the good news is that we are in a position to sell you the car of your choice; either a brand new Toyota Prius or second-hand Toyota Prius and the prices are also breathtaking.

Being one of the best cars of Cyprus that have also ventured in the sporting world and managed to take the best positions, we ensure that you get the perfect models. Toyota Company has unveiled six colors of this car that are very elegant; Barcelona Red Metallic, Blizzard White Pearl, Classic Silver Metallic, Nautical Blue metallic, Super White and the Winter Gray Metallic. Also a great selection of cars including model Toyota RAV4 in different color schemes.

It has several specifications that make it a preferred brand in Cyprus and if you are driving the vehicle in Larnaca, Nicosia, Parchna and Pageia then you will be delighted because you will always be comfortable and in the recognizable chart. It has a remarkable fuel tank that uses regular gasoline and with the correct driving tricks and techniques, you will get the opportunity of greatly saving on fuel. Toyota Prius has a 1.5 liter engine that is the ACT (Atkinson cycle Type) and is very famous especially in Cyprus because of its ability to cruise the roads in a smooth and well oriented form. It uses the automatic transmission version with fully variable gear ratios giving it performance that is very uncompromising which qualifies it as one of the top car sales made in Cyprus.

When you buy this car, you will have the freedom of selecting your own driving mode from the three available choices- Efficient, Economical, Powerful. The modes are designed in such a way that they suit your mood and the situation on the road and in Cyprus, you will definitely come across different road situations. If you decide to go to the villages, be sure of bumping into rough situation and the mode knobs will save you from going through the worst scenario. All the privileges of this car in the commercial video.

Come one, come all used Toyota Prius and get the best sales!

Toyota Prius C Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.