The Aygo is an excellent city car manufactured under the name of Toyota. This car was firstly introduced to the world in the year 2005 where it was sold in Europe. The body style of this car is a 3-door as well as a 5-door hatchback. The makers have given it a front engine and a front wheel drive layout. Ever since the foundation of this car, it has gained a lot of accolades over its looks and performance. The company is selling both the generations of the car in a full-swing throughout various countries. This car has achieved an enormous success under such short span of time. 

All the European Cyprus cars are available here at You can make the most use of our website by treating it as a platform of Cyprus cars for buy-sell.It also has a great list of advantages following the model Toyota Cami.  A number of Aygo models are already available on our website that are fully endowed with amazing interiors and exteriors. The 2009 model of the car is endowed with some fine interiors like central locking, power steering, air conditioning, electric mirrors and windows. The perks of power steering, air conditioning and electric windows too are found in the 2010 model of the car. This model is also provided with info screen. You will encounter the same kind of interior in the further models of the year 2011, 2012 and 2013 of this Toyota car. The makers have also added a fine alarm system in the exteriors of Toyota Aygo 2010. 

There are certain other interesting features that this fine car embraces. 

Body-type : 

No new experiments have been done by the firm in regard to the body-style of the car. The body-type of all the models of the Aygo is simple hatchback. This enables this car to be driven on the remotest and the narrowest streets of Cyprus for sure. 


Like the body-type, the fuel-type of the car, too, has been kept similar in the models of Aygo. Thus, all the models of the year 2009,2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 run on petrol giving you a smooth driving experience. More details about the car in the video review.


Experiments have been done in terms of the transmission of the car. The Aygo 2009 supports manual transmission whereas the model of the year 2010 runs on an automatic transmission. Thus, you can handle this hatchback model well in the cities and villages of Limassol, Agios Mamas, Agios Pavlos, Agios Thomas, etc. The 2011 model of the car supports a manual transmission and the same type of transmission is found in the model of the year 2013. Thus, this hatchback is certainly fit to drive on the roads of cities like Limassol, Famagusta, Nicosia, Larnaca and Paphos. 

Colors available: 

On our website, you will come across many models of brand new as well as used Aygo cars in Cyprus in different colors. There are colors like black, blue, white, silver, gray, red, beige, etc. Thus, the makers as well as our website, also, provide you a diverse choice of used Toyota Aygo to select from.

2016 Toyota Aygo Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.