The Toyota Avensis has built an established market ever since its very inception. This good looking car belongs to a class of large-family car. This car was firstly built in the city of Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Introduced to the world in the year 1997, this car is still gaining a non-stop admiration over its beautiful design, great performance and upgraded specifications. The body style of this car consists of three different parameters namely, 4-door saloon, 5-door estate and 5-door liftback. Till now, this car has undergone three different generations in different years. You can watch the video review of this car.

If you are looking for cars in European Cyprus and you wish to choose an Avensis - this is the best platform for you. A number of different models of the Toyota Avensis and other Toyota cars are provided to you for sale or purchase on our website. The model Toyota Aygo will also be interesting to explore. Some of the models of the Avensis available on our website are as under. 

Toyota Avensis 2007: 

The Toyota Avensis 2007 has a Sedan body type and this car is available in fine colors of black, beige, silver, gray and white. Highly furnished in terms of the interiors, the interiors of this car comprise of central locking, air conditioning, electric windows as well as mirrors. This car is the best pick to drive on the roads of Larnaca and nearby areas including Agia Anna, Anafotia, Alaminos, etc. This sedan runs on the fuel type of petrol and a transmission type of automatic is spotted in the model. 

Toyota Avensis 2008: 

This model is available among the new as well as used Avensis on our website. This Avensis is a hatchback and sedan and therefore very convenient to drive. It supports the manual transmission type and runs on the fuel type of diesel. The engine size of this model is 2.2 l. This car is efficient and classy. Outside the car, you will encounter features like cruise control, alloy wheels as well as a fine alarm system. 

Toyota Avensis 2010: 

The Toyota Avensis 2010 is a full-fledged sedan and exhibits a very classy and a gorgeous look. This car is classy from inside as well since it is furnished with features like leather seats, central locking, electric windows and mirrors, air conditioning and a fine power steering system. It has imbibed a manual transmission and runs on petrol. The engine size of this model is 1.6 l. This car is a treat to drive on the roads of Famagusta. 

Toyota Avensis 2012: 

This is yet another sedan model of the Avensis. If you are looking for second hand cars for sell, you should definitely pick this model since this model is nothing but a power-train. The fuel type of this model is petrol and its transmission type is manual. The engine size of the car is 1.6. This car is very fuel efficient. The makers of the car have availed this model in different colors of gray, green, black, silver and white. 

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Toyota Avensis FL 2015 (ENG) - First Test Drive and Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.