Whenever one speaks about wanting a car that gives them face value for their money; then probably one of the manufacturers they may be having in mind is Suzuki. This is by no other reason but because the Japanese company has over the years proven itself as one of the best. Due to this, they have produced some of the most beautiful and efficient cars to ever grace Cyprian roads. One of these is the Suzuki Liana. 

Purchasing a second hand vehicle can be a tricky and even time consuming affair in any city- be it Paphos, Protaras or any other location. That is the reason why we make a point of providing you with the most accurate details regarding cars such as the Suzuki Liana. This is in order to arm you with enough firepower in terms of information to be able to make a proper and easier selection.

Chief among the things that you should use as criterion for picking the ideal car is the engine specifications. The Suzuki Liana does not disappoint on this front. It has a 4-cylinder petrol engine with up to 16 valves. This makes it powerful enough to drive the vehicle as it develops up to 104 HP. This power is transmitted by way of a 5- speed manual transmission system that is very efficient and appropriate for this car. More information about this car, see the video review.

Comfort, convenience and safety on Cyprian roads are some of the things that this car offers its passengers. The car is very comfortable in that it has enough room to accommodate up to 5 adult passengers. Convenience comes in in terms of the large storage capacity and other amenities such as the entertainment and lighting systems on the interior. Riding one of these vehicles is also pure joy because of the brightly and beautifully colored interiors. They also have airbags and seat belts that provide protection in the unfortunate scenario an accident happens.If you are also interested in the cars with body type hatchback model Suzuki Splash is what you need.

The exterior design of the Suzuki Liana is done in a way that exudes style, elegance and class. This explains why it comes in a variant of up to six colors including White, Silky Silver, Graphite Gray and Eminent Blue which you can choose from.That means that you have the choice for not only going for this desirable vehicle but one with a color of your own liking.

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2005 Suzuki Liana from Drivuz on Vimeo.