A casual check around Cyprian cities like Nicosia will tell you that there are a lot of SUVs brands Suzuki in the market today. All of these have different makes and specifications. Cropping up in the top percentile of the best in the market is the Suzuki Escudo. This is due to the fact that these vehicles have various features and specifications that make them effective vehicles and some of the best cars in Cyprus.

Being one of the biggest vehicle resellers in Cyprus with a presence all over the country including South Cyprus, Paphos and Larnaka; we have made it our responsibility to provide all our clients with information regarding all these specifications and how they can help you achieve your motoring needs in the country. The Suzuki Escudo is one of the best cars for sale in Cyprus.

Everyone wants a powerful vehicle, and this is exactly what the Suzuki Escudo range of SUVs gives you. The car has a dual engine that burns fuel efficiently and gives the car enough fire power and drive. Both are 4-cylinder petrol engines with a capacity of 1.8 and 1.4L. This ensures that there is complete and efficient combustion that provides the car with a horsepower of up to 120HP. additionally, you can be able to easily tow more items behind the car when going on an excursion in the Cyprian countryside. This is because the car has a strong towing capacity that is in the region of 680 Kgs.If you want to know more about this car look video review. 

Of the several SUVs in the market, most if not any cannot match the style and elegance that a Suzuki Escudo offers. For this reason, they are considered by many as some of the best vehicles in the market today. For instance, the exteriors have a large build that make them have an aggressive look that give them a commanding presence. This is one of the hallmarks of great vehicle design. Additionally, the vehicles have large wheel bases that accommodate large wheels that further accentuate the huge build. It also has a great list of advantages following the Grand Vitara.

Despite your driving skills, taking control of the wheels inside a Suzuki Escudo can be one of the easiest and most pleasurable things you can do on a Cyprian road. This is due to the fact that the vehicles are retrofitted with a number of systems that make driving them easy. One of these is the car DVD system that also doubles up as an entertainment unit. From this, one can be able to easily navigate through any road or terrain with the assistance of GPS if necessary.

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2013 SUZUKI ESCUDO X-Adventure - Exterior & Interior from Drivuz on Vimeo.