In terms of compactness, roadworthiness and affordability, Suzuki Baleno is one of the very few cars that fit this wonderful description of the best cars on Cyprus roads. The vehicle, while compact, is comfortable, classy and cozy. Suzuki, which is more popular for its motorcycles also, has a wide variety of lovely and strong vehicles which have been the ideal choice of a lot of families. Suzuki make slick and fancy cars that would interest you especially if you tend to fancy models and makes that are a little different from the old makes.

The Suzuki Baleno is a powerful and punchy car that you can enjoy on any road in Cyprus. The Suzuki Baleno is an adorable car that would be sure to serve you as it is durable, gives a nice performance and it is fuel efficient.

The Suzuki Baleno is an executive car that is compact. A lot of individuals in Cyprus use the car because of the wonderful look and features of the car which is every user's delight. It is also a very affordable model. A detailed description of this model is in the video review.

The Suzuki Baleno which was first produced in 1995 by Suzuki in Japan has undergone a lot of upgrades which has improved its functionality and usability. Most of the models of the vehicle run on petrol while there are few that run on diesel. It also has a 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission.

The Suzuki Baleno has a station wagon model as well as a sedan model. Whichever of the model you opt for, is always a good choice. In terms of body style, there is the hatchback which has 3 doors, the sedan which has 4 doors and the station wagon which has 5 doors. The Suzuki Baleno thus gives you different types of body styles to choose from. In terms of layout, there is also the four wheel drive and the front wheel drive.

The Suzuki Baleno has a length of about 3,870 mm, width of 1,695 mm and height of 1,395 mm. The car is durable and offers an enjoyable ride. Its performance is unmatched on the roads in Protaras, Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca and Paphos as well as other neighboring villages and cities. You can thus be sure of a comfortable journey all through Cyprus in your Suzuki Baleno. You may also be an interesting model Suzuki Escudo.

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Suzuki Baleno Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.