The Renault Captur is the newest creation of the French giant, Renault. This car made its debut in the year 2013 in the Geneva Motor Show and is a very fresh creation. This mini-crossover is also addressed as the Renault Samsung QM3. The concept of Captur was first shown in the year 2011 in the Geneva Motor Show. The Renault Captur belongs to a Mini SUV class and the body-style of this car is 5-door SUV. This car is based on the layout of front engine and front wheel drive along with a platform of Renault/Nissan B platform. The Captur is very closely related to Renault Clio IV as well as Nissan Juke. It comes along with some amazing features and specifications. Presentation of the car in the commercial video.

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Let's take a look at all the important features and specifications of the Renault Captur. 

Renault Captur 2013:

The Renault Captur 2013 adorns a quasi-SUV look and you can term this car as a mini sports utility vehicle. Drive in this car to Nicosia or Larnaca, you will certainly feel very high on life. The interiors and exteriors of this car are amazing. The zip-off seat covers, radio and internet connectivity, power steering, touch-screen voice control system - this car comprises of the latest technology.  The engine of the car is both a petrol-engine as well as diesel-engine. Thus, it gives you a diverse choice to select your model accordingly. The engine is accompanied by 4-cylinders that promise you a full-fledged power-packed performance for sure. The transmission type of the car is five speed manual or automatic that is accompanied with a front-wheel drive. Endurance tested in a vehicle crash test.

Renault Captur 2014:

The Renault Captur 2014 is again a mini-SUV that is apt to drive on the smooth as well as rough and tough roads of Larnaca, Agios Barabaras, Alona, etc. Inside the gear-box of the car you will encounter a transmission type of 5-speed manual accompanied with a drive type of front wheel drive. The fuel used by the car is petrol which also exhibits a fuel system of multipoint injection. The line-up of L4 cylinders in the engine increases the performance efficiently. Driving in this car, you can easily indulge yourself in a number of sports and adventure activities like trekking, camping etc on the harshest of roads. More details in the video review.

Renault Captur 2015:

This car belongs to a light SUV brigade and can be driven on a regular basis to road trips, shopping, partying and many more. This car consumes petrol as a fuel and goes vroom on the roads of Famagusta and Larnaca. The Renault Captur is comprised with two different cylinders namely 0.9L turbo 3-cylinder, 66kW/135Nm, 1.2L turbo 4-cylinder, 88kW/190Nm. The transmission of five-speed manual and six-speed twin-clutch auto ensures a controlled driving experience. This car is available in some attractive colours of red, blue, white, black, gray and silver.

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Renault Captur full review from Drivuz on Vimeo.