The Proton Savvy is a good looking supermini hatchback produced and manufactured by the Malaysian giant, Proton. This car was first of all introduced in the year 2005 in the month of June where people marked it as a successor of Proton Tiara. This supermini hatchback is very active as to its performance. This car belongs to a class of supermini as well as a subcompact with a body-style of 5-door hatchback. This car has won a number of awards as a result of its fine and breath-taking performance and super-gorgeous looks. 

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The Proton Savvy embraces some amazing features and specifications. Following are the most popular models of the Savvy along with its important specifications. All tests in the vehicle crash test.

Proton Savvy 2005:

The Proton Savvy 2005 is an amazing looking car that has been provided a body-type of a hatchback with 4/5 seats. This car is very quick to its performance. Thanks to its engine of 1.1 l along with a lineup of 4 straight cylinders that accelerates it in the best possible manner. This car is very quick and fast and is able to roll well on any kinds of roads. Also, it can be handled well since it is very light in weight (953 kg only). The transmission produced by the car is 5-speed manual transmission along with a front wheel drive. If you want to know more about this car look video review.

Proton Savvy 2006:

The Savvy 2006 is provided with some amazing interiors and exteriors like power steering, electric windows, air conditioning, central locking, alloy wheels as well as Xenon lights. You can indulge into various leisure-activities in Limassol, Agros, Agridia and around by driving into this car. This car consumes petrol and runs on a manual transmission that fetches a smooth driving even on the harshest of the roads. You can pick this model from your favorite colors of red and blue. 

Proton Savvy 2007:

This beautiful hatchback can be taken on the roads of Famagusta, Achna and Sotira where you can enjoy the sights of the nature and daily activities with the localities. It runs on the fuel type of petrol which when paired with a manual transmission results in some amazing performances. The car is also equipped with similar interiors and exteriors as to the model of the year 2006. The engine of 1.4 l is able to fetch you a performance of 90 hp. 

Proton Savvy 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011: 

The Proton Savvy is marvelous as to its performance. The line-up of L4 cylinders of the car in an engine of 1.2 l delivers a fine performance up to 75 hp on the roughest of the roads. This hatchback is fully furnished from the interiors and is also provided with features of telematics, comfort, convenience, as well as in-car entertainment. The 5-speed manual transmission with a front wheel drive works wonders on the roads. This car consumes petrol and gives out a greater fuel efficiency. Presentation of the car in the commercial video. Buy a used Proton Savvy can be with us at low prices.

Proton Savvy on Fifth Gear from Drivuz on Vimeo.