Are you a pragmatist or a hot hatch fan looking for a striking coupe, the Peugeot RCZ is able to suit both your needs. Available in the pragmatic diesel motor with manual transmission, the pragmatist has no need to endeavor any further to his dream coupe, whereas the petrol engine, manual transmission will certainly unleash the hatch for its fans.

Through numerous generations, Peugeot supplement some astonishing, and classy designs to the vehicle industry’s index; and still manage build a fan club throughout all generations. Adding the Peugeot RCZ to its product range, this industrialist contributed yet again to the economic sector. 

Though the RCZ has four seats, it is in effect only a two seater. If you are searching for a sporty family vehicle, the RCZ is most definitely not the choice for you.  The rear seats offers very little leg or headroom.  There is no concern when it comes to boot space, though the back seat can fold down, there is a decent size boot available even with then intact. More details in the video review.

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The RCZ is a nifty coupe that will entice you on your travels throughout Nicosia, Protaras, Limassol, Larnaka, and Paphos with its performance, speed, and handling. If you are outgoing, and adventures this vehicle will surely be profound on the long and winding roads of Cyprus, giving you freedom to its luxury and enough space to haul away your luggage for a well-deserved break away.

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The RCZ model of Peugeot is a surprising vehicle that offers you incredible features, and style. If you are also interested in the cars with body type hatchback model Peugeot 106 is what you need.

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Peugeot RCZ R - Test Drive and Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.