The name Opel Tigra is applied for two varied cars that are designed and manufactured by Opel, a German automaker Opel. Both are planted on varied iterations of Corsa supermini. One is manufactured in Brazil while the other in France. 

At the initio, the Tigra was introduced as a mini 2+2 coupe. This was manufactured from the year 1994 to 2000. Later on, another model is introduced which was a hard- topped convertible roadster, in the year 2004. Tigra flaunts different names in different nations. In the United Kingdom, the Tigra carried the name Vauxhall Tigra, while the Holden Tigra in Australia. It was sold as the Chevrolet Tigra in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. Presentation of the car in the commercial video.

Tigra comes with amazing exterior and interior features. The features make it an excellent vehicle to ride in Cyprus. You can see a lot of used Tigra on the roads of the Southern Cyprus. You can also get an Opel Tigra from our website On our service you can all the kinds and different models of Cyprus secondhand cars.  If you have a plan to sell used Opel in EU Cyprus, our website is there to help you in selling. You can buy or sell brand new as well as used cars via this website. Also brand Nissan has other luxury and high-quality cars. For example model Opel Vectra.

Here, we have given a detailed description of different models of Opel Tigra that will help you pick one. Have a look- 

Body Type

The 2005, 06 and 12 model of Opel Tigra flaunts a convertible body type, while the 2007 model is a coupe. The car can be taken anywhere in EU Cyprus, whether you are going to Nicosia or Paphos, this car swiftly sails on rough as well as smooth roads. Endurance tested in a vehicle crash test.


You can now enjoy a hassle free and smooth ride. Thanks to the automatic transmission that is featured in the 2005, 06 and 07 models of Tigra. The 2012 model comes with a manual transmission. 

Fuel Type

All the four models run on petrol. 

Interior and Exterior Features

Electric mirrors, electric windows, power steering, air conditioning and central locking are the basic interior features that all the models flaunt. In addition, the 2012 model features comfortable leather seats, MP3 player, TV and DVD, making sure that you don’t get tired or bored while you are travelling in Tigra. Even on the rough roads of Cyprus, you can be at optimum comfort. 

The alloy wheels in the 2005 and 06 models give amazing performance on the road. The 2012 Tigra is loaded with stupendous exterior features like sunroof, cruise control and alarm system. 

The car offers front wheel drive. So, if your family wants to go snorkeling in Nicosia, just get into the Opel Tigra and set out to have fun. More information about this car, see the video review.


Color options are many including blue, silver, red, etc. You will get a wide array of options to choose from.

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Vauxhall Tigra - Road Tests from Drivuz on Vimeo.