The Terrano branding isn’t new. Nissan has used the nameplate since the early 80s internationally. The Nissan Terrano is a mid-size SUV manufactured by Nissan. It is available in body style of 3door wagon and 5 door wagon and vehicle’s body, tall compared to most competitors’ vehicles. Trade and Tourism is the source of income for people of Cyprus islands. Though it is away from others Europeans countries but it has a rich cultural heritage, museums and archaeological sites. Terrano SUVs are smooth to travels across the rough roads and terrains of Limassol and Paphos cities in Cyprus.

If we consider the public transport in Cyprus then, there is only bus facility and not railways thus tourist prefers to hire SUVs like terrano for travelling around the islands historic sites. Terrano has a highly efficient 6 speed transmission system, super-efficient pure drive diesel with common rail direct injection system making it a powerful and perfect SUV for all terrains. Out pasting the sales of sedans and other compact cars, SUVs have overtook the market in sales, providing spacious seating without an additional 3rd seat. Terrano has a great styling, outstanding ride quality and comfortable over any kind of road. Balanced handling and dynamics add up to ride quality. People from Cyprus living in terrains or rough roads need a powerful car and best option for this in form of Terrano with fuel efficient 1.5L DIESEL engines with adequate power on tap. As far as safety is concerned it’s no way back in that sense with airbag safety system, central locking, door ajar warning and engine immobilizer. Without the availability of rail transport, people prefer to travel by car in spite of buses especially business class segment of the society. In spite of being expensive from other rivalries in SUVs it is preferred by Paphos and Limassolites for carrying extra luggages and cargo over long distances. The fully silver roof rails look even more attractive. It is equipped with continuously variable transmission, attractive design and safety facilities. Details on the car in the video review.

Renting a car or taxi is one of the best options if you are interested in enjoying holidays on your own at some unknown place like Larnaka. So Terrano seems to have a good choice for Limassolites in Cyprus. Also be an interesting model Nissan Tiida.

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Nissan Terrano Review NDTV from Drivuz on Vimeo.