Nissan is a successful automobile maker, ranked 6th globally. Nissan has manufactured some amazing automobiles all over the world. Some of the famous car models adding to the success of Nissan motor company are Skyline, Sunny, Terrano, Tiida etc. Cyprus being a high income economy with an estimated population of 11L proved to be a good market for Nissan cars. 

Nissan Skyline model is the best among all the models especially for the wide roads of Nicosia. Skyline was a compact, sport compact car which is available in different body type’s sedan, station wagon, and crossover and convertible. One of the famous models of skyline is the Skyline GTR. It is a rear wheel, four wheel drive with automatic transmission. It is fast and heavy car especially designed for highways A1 A2 A3 A9 connecting Nicosia to other cities. After its first appearance in 2FAST 2 FURIOUS this car thrashed the other sports car in Cyprus and globally. Being the fastest Nissan car GTR made millions for Nissan. This car is meant for sports car lovers around the world. Nissan has launched various skyline models namely R32 R33 R34 V35 HV37 ZV37 and many others over time. Among these HV37 offers all three types of transmissions 5 speed automatic, 6 speed manual, and continuously variable transmission type. Cyprus which is a major tourist destination can offer tourist with GTR ride for GTR lovers vesting this place and even for faster mode of transportation.  GTR can be proved to be quiet handy in a place like Cyprus with as many as 9 highways and a mild winter climate in winters. It is available in many attractive colors black, blue, metallic silver, red and many others. Skyline is front engine, car with a V6 or V8, 2.5 to 3.5litre powerful engines. Though it can be proved to be a little expensive as disc and tire wear is expensive but still it hardly matters to Nissan Skyline car lovers. In video review about this car more information about this car.  Skyline V36 is sold in Europe and Middle East as Infiniti G37. Cyprus faced a Eurozone crisis in 2012 but after that it has come up strong and Nissan has again gained market. In spite of war like conditions in Lebanon, Syria and other nearby countries including the Greek economic crisis, Cyprus hasn’t been affected much and still prospering, this can be seen by the ever increasing demand of Skylines in Cyprus. 

Thus country like Cyprus where main occupation of people is tourism and shipping, trade, Skylines are quite popular for such concern. 

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Nissan GTR 2015 Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.