When you are looking for a larger and spacious; exceptional noise clampdown of wind, road and engine; excellent presentation from a smooth V8; proficient off-road; expected reliability, Nissan Patrol is an excellent choice, and you came to the right place.

There are iconic plaques in the driving commerce, and then you get the Nissan Patrol. In its five generations, this bulky four-wheel-drive has built up a sternly loyal fan base in this Cyprus, pinpointed around steadfastness and trustworthiness in all conditions – not just impalpable badge quality. More in video review.

With big dimensions the Nissan Patrol petrol 4x4 is a very roomy package for families looking to travel. With fine seat comfort and roof vents with back temperature control air conditioning for unconnected temperature and fan prompt you will experience a comfortable drive anywhere in Nicosia, Larnaka, Limassol, Paphos and Protaras as well as nearby villages and cities with its manual transmission.  

Nissan Patrol is a five seater, with adequate boot space. 

We will accommodate the sale of your desired Nissan Patrol all around Cyprus. The Nissan Patrol is amongst the most popular cars of Cyprus and therefore we ensure you can get this astounding model at reasonable prices. 

Thanks to Nissan’s reliability and innovative features and good looks it is among the top cars for sale Cyprus. This vehicle gives you a relaxed and a comforting journey-experience when you driving on wide roads of Cyprus. The trunk of the Patrol succeeds to fit your entire luggage into it throughout your holiday to the beautiful cities of Cyprus. 

Being the biggest platform of used cars and if you are considering to purchase a used Nissan Patrol, we would aid to your expectancy and purchase plans. With outstanding experience in retailing sector of vehicle merchandising we will assist you in the trade as well as procurement of this classic at large. You will be able to purchase this vehicle through our service at very minimal prices. Trading in your vehicle, be assure to get the most subsequent price offered to you, when trading with us. The model Nissan Primera will also be interesting to explore.

Irrespective of the Nissan Patrol’s abilities, it will remain to be the only optimal for many 4x4 traditionalists. It’s a reasonable reproduction of its extensive reputation as a steadfast and durable off roader. With reasonable fuel efficiency, it is affordable and comfortable. The Nissan Patrol remains to get the fundamentals right – it’s enormous, spacious, goes off road, and will almost certainly be immaculately reliable.

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Nissan Patrol 2015 Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.