New Audi A5

2017 presented the world a new car Audi A5 – fast and powerful. It is a dream of every motorist. Germans called Audi A5 “a car for big travels”. In Cyprus, this will also be indispensable by car. Audi A5 is an automobile with multiple safety systems.

A new Audi became greater in length by 17 mm. Left to its own devices the gearbox also shifts up earlier in Comfort, helping efficiency. Rear view moved to the door. A touch screen display at the driver's seat contains all elements of the dashboard. The evolutionary approach to the Audi design means you'll be amazed at the changes in the cabin. This is a great transition to the previous generation of the new A5 coupe. It is a hi-tech feature that fits well with the A5’s well-crafted cabin. Build quality is brilliant throughout, with a simple, but smart layout to the center console adding to the premium feel. On the roads of Cyprus, a new car is extremely stable and resilient. Buying a new car in Cyprus is extremely easy if you visit the web-site Drivuz dot com.

This car serves up a beautifully built cabin, svelte coupe styling and, in the popular C 250 d model we test here, a diesel engine that blends strong efficiency with plenty of performance. Motor cars can provide speeds of up to 190 – 240 horsepower. Detected and acceleration of the machine to all the usual 100 km / h. Auto can type it in 4.7 seconds.

Germans plan to create a separate diesel engine in two versions: the 1.6 and 2 liter. In our A5 test model, the 2.0-litre diesel engine drives the front wheels, which is one of the main differences between the newcomer and the rear-wheel-drive C-Class Coupe it’s up against. The perfect car racing Audi A5 has to Cyprus. Speed ahead for the dream - the new Audi A5.

Help to buy used cars in Cyprus Drivuz dot com. Audi A5 is speed, comfort, confidence, and reliability.