New Mercedes 2017

Recently the company Mercedes has created a universal platform of new cars.

New Mercedes heads to Cyprus. Wonderful car in 2017 is a good gift for a motorist. Modern Mercedes is due to go on sale soon after its reveal at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show. The manufacturer calls this model the most intelligent. You can always buy car in Cyprus.

New Mercedes is a universal car. Mercedes is equipped with the latest multimedia systems and a new front bumper design with larger air intakes and altered headlights. Expect LED rear lights and a more muscular rear bumper. Saloon of the car is also increased. It became even more convenient. Mercedes is equipped with a new technology system Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink smartphone.

One of the characteristics of this Mercedes bumper is black plastic. It's safe to assume that the interior will benefit from an updated touchscreen infotainment. Improved security system regulates the movement along the strip. It operates in the case where the car mercedes gla 250 leaves his lane. In addition, the car has a system of external lighting. Thus, it can illuminate the parking lot or illuminate the road in the dark time. Interior of the car corresponds to that which can be seen in a sports car and a Mercedes model gla 250 4matic.

Roads in Cyprus to ride on the new Mercedes dream of every person. Mercedes is able to give confidence to go with the latest technology. Speed, quality and endurance of this car is the future. Mercedes has not released any details on specific updates to the powertrains and chassis, but we do not expect anything more than minor revisions. The 220d and 250d models are likely to get a power. Full details will be revealed after the covers come off the model at the Detroit reveal.

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