If you are planning on traveling to the Republic of Cyprus and driving you will need to be acquainted with the Republics road safety rules and guidelines. Perhaps you will choose Cyprus Airways to get there but regardless you will need to know these safety guidelines when you arrive if you are hoping on driving safely in the country. This article is thus about road safety in the Republic of Cyprus so if you are interested read on.

To being, Cyprus is a popular tourist destination and as such they have a modern and also quite efficient road and transportation system. Such a modern and efficient road system facilitates relatively safe and easy travel between all of the major cities towns and places of interest found in Cyprus.

A very important road safety point that you must know if you want to drive safely in Cyrus is that in Cyprus drivers drive on the left hand side of the road and not the right hand side of the road. Furthermore, for drivers own safety and the safety of other drivers around them on the roads of Cyprus drivers must adhere to the designated national speed limits. These nationally designated speed limits are as such: On any of Cyprus’s major highways the maximum speed a driver is permitted to go is 100 kilometers per hour whilst drivers driving on these highways or not allowed to, as well, drive under speeds of 65 kilometers per hour. On top of this, unless it has been explicated to be any different the maximum speed limit on any of Cyprus’s inter-urban roads and streets is 80 kilometers per hour. Lastly the usual maximum speed limit in built up areas is 50 kilometers per hour that is in Cyprus. Please do not rely on the information provided at full. Please double-check the official rules with the local authorities.

In addition to abiding by the Republic’s nationally designated speed limits drivers in Cyprus are also not allowed to use hand held mobile phones whilst driving. This is obviously in the better interests of road safety in Cyprus. Also, it is a law that seat belts must be worn by all passengers of a motor vehicle in Cyprus this being both those sitting in front and back seats of the given motor vehicle. Lastly, and defiantly in the aid of road safety in Cyprus it is not permissible and also against the law to operate a motor vehicle whilst having a blood alcohol content in it. To end there are also various organizations like NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) that offer courses tailored towards health and safety.

For more information and clarifications, please address local authorities. Also, please double check the information provided in this overview.