In Cyprus only residence who can prove that they have lived in the country Cyprus for a period of six months or longer can apply for any Cyprus Drivers license or take any Cyprus Driving Test. Such a requirement or decree is to comply with EU Directives. This article is about Cyprus Driving Licenses so without any other digression let’s begin.

A Full Non Vocational driving license in Cyprus from the 29th of June 2015 will be created in the form of an EU photo-card license. This requirement stipulated by the EU has actually been a requirement since 19th January 2015 but the Republic of Cyprus has only recently caught up with this EU driver’s license requirement or stipulation.

To obtain a valid Cyprus Driving License you have to make applications at the District Offices of the Department of Transport or Citizen Service Centers (CSC). You will be issued with a temporary driving license which is valid for one month. This temporary paper license will entitle the holder or owner of it to drive only in the Republic of Cyprus and is used until the full valid photo-card license is available.

Besides the valid Cyprus Driving License you also have a valid Cyprus driver’s license called the Full Cyprus paper license. These older and paper licenses must be exchanged at your local offices of the Department of CSC for the newer up to date photo-license cards for free. These paper licenses are valid only until the expiry date on them.

Furthermore, a full Cyprus Driving license is valid for 15 years if you are driving a car and it is valid for 5 years if you are registered for a bus or truck. The full Cyprus Driving license is also valid to be used in all EU Member states. Besides these two valid Cyprus driving licenses you also get a student’s license for use by students and a learner’s license with a prerequisite being a theory test which is used for a driver to learn to drive with. These are also valid Cyprus driving licenses.

So in conclusion you have to be a resident of Cyprus for a period of six months or longer before you can apply for any valid driver’s license in the Republic of Cyprus. You can use your EU drivers license in Cyprus. A Full Valid Cyprus Driving License is valid for 15 years for cars and 5 years for busses and trucks.

For more information and clarifications, please address local authorities. Also, please double check the information provided in this overview.