If you find yourself in the unwanted situation of a motor vehicle accident or emergency whilst in Cyrus then read on as this article is for your advantage and protection. You see in Cyprus you don’t have to do a phone number search to get the appropriate emergency number when involved in an emergency in Cyprus.

So for all emergencies in Cyprus dial the number 112. In Cyprus the Police, Ambulance Services and Fire Services each use the emergency number 112 which is also valid for all countries in the European Union or the EU.

Whether you are involved in something like a Traffic Collision then there is no need to do a phone number lookup when in Cyprus. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in such a collision or accident then the police should always be contacted via the emergency number 112. This is because when you dial the emergency number 112 the call is diverted or directed to the Police at the first instance. In addition to this if it is required then police will call an ambulance or the fire service if your accident, collision or emergency requires such intervention.

In Cyprus the road accident and reporting procedures are very much similar to the appropriate services found in the United Kingdom or the UK. What this means is that police will only attend a scene in Cyprus when injury is involved or driving offences or other situations where one finds that the road or roads are blocked. In these cases the Police will be called to the scene.

Well, what we have found out in this article so far is that you do not have to do a phone number lookup for road accidents, collisions or emergency situations in Cyprus as the emergency number 112 is very simple to remember and can be found in most directories.

A very important point that one should note or remember when in an emergency situation, rod accident or collision in Cyprus is that you must not move your car until the police arrive on the scene. If you do you might be found to be the one at fault even though this might not be the case.

Lastly, it is very important and indeed vital that you carry the following documents on you in Cyprus when driving just in case of an emergency. For a rented car your rental documents and driver’s license. For a car that you own or that is registered you need your driver’s license and insurance papers. The Police in Cyprus do quite often speak well English.

For more information and clarifications, please address local authorities. Also, please double check the information provided in this overview.