Thousands of people around the world rush to buy a two door coupes each year with a logo from the giants like Mercedes-Benz AMG, Audi RS, BMW M or Cadillac V. All of these models are so powerful, agile and undoubtedly fast as the marketers made these cars to crowd the track. As the same way, RC-F Lexus is coming in Cyprus to rule the city.

To my concept, all these cars as stated above, are undoubtedly amazing from any corner. But how many buyers actually use their performance as the makers designed to be? People just hanker after showing off their vanity, they want to make an image buying a $70,000 sports car. If you are looking for something sporty as well as expecting high performance, We would like to suggest you to check out new Lexus RC-F right now!

The new Lexus RC-F is featured by 5.0 liter V8, powered with 467 HP and 389-pound feet torque. Along with these fabulous features, there are some cons too. In comparison to the Mercedes AMG C63, C63 Sedan, Cadillac ATS-V etc. Lexus is offering almost same power, but there is a bit difference in pound-feet of torque.

Though this comparison deficit, Lexus RC-F is quite better than the numerical translation of stopwatch. There are some factors where Lexus RC-F is also lacked behind in comparison to those thousand dollars sport cars by BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Both the C63 and ATS-V hits 60 within 3.9 sec. and BMW takes just 4.1 seconds. The Lexus RC-F whereas hit 60 in 4.4 seconds. But to peace your mind when you are looking towards Lexus RC-F, these statics is just from the manufacturers estimated calculation. So, do not get confused, Lexus RC-F can be delivered to Cyprus now through the UK Car Imports Services.

Keeping all these controversies about sound and power, the new Lexus RC-F has come out fixing the previous one’s biggest faults. The new Lexus RC-F is featured with automatic transmission of eight-speed shift. It is being treated as the greatest improvement of the brand new Lexus RC-F comparing to its previous editions. Apart from this, there is also a big change in the Lexus RC-F now, the gearbox of previous Lexus cars was slow and dimwitted. But the latest Lexus RC-F is designed with Toyota AA80E which is too prompt now to respond than ever before. But there is still a rumor that this new one also slower and less smart in comparison to ZF’s though both of these cars have eight-speed shift unit.

Keep all these aside and rush to grab your Lexus RC-F now available in Cyprus.

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