Mercedes C63 AMG is top to bottom an amazing car. This recently revealed C63 AMG is from Mercedes-Benz categorized as C-Class Coupe, featuring a marvelous pretty two-door design. Combining this tow, you are going to get the Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 Coupe which will be launched for the very first time by next month on Frankfurt Motor Show.

This amazing car is designed with everything people love in the sedan. Moreover, AMG C63 is featuring with a sleeker style coupe body. It will not be enough if we say AMG C63 is a mixture of aggression & elegance. Apart from this, it is designed with both high performance equipment and luxurious substance to offer riders an elegant feeling and aggression mood as well. In a word, everything in AMG C63 is carefully designed to meet both aggressive riding and elegance looking.

The Mercedes Benz AMG C63 is given the same feature as Sedan c63 under hood, twin-turbo, as the same 4.0 liter v8 with same two states of different tune. The AMG C63 is designed with 469 HP and 479 pound feet torque. But Benz C63 sedan was of 503 HP and 516 pound feet of torque. To run at 60 miles/h The AMG C63 takes 3.9 sec. whereas the C63 Sedan takes only 3.8 sec. Both these cars are at a limit to run 155 to 180 miles an hour. Both these two versions of C63 is designed with Mercedes’ AMG Speed shift technology powered by seven auto transmission speed selection.

Both of these two C63 is featuring with C-Class Coupe, so it would be a lovely car undoubtedly. Both are featuring with the same specification in both riding and handling. It can be said with keeping our eyes closed that both these car of C63 coupe will be as funny as those of four door siblings, both on track and road.

Now, what is left is to wait, yes; we need to wait till next month to see this amazing Mercedes Benz AMG C63 C. it is really a bad news for Americans that the American dealers will not start selling before the summer season of 2016. So, if everything remains fine we are hopeful that the 2017 is going to be a model designation year for Mercedes Benz AMG C63.

So, let us hope for the best and keep waiting for this amazing Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe arrival in Cyprus.

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