Can you remember the car named Renault Le Car? It is okay, if you can’t. There is just one single difference in the drawings provided above. That is, it is from China. There is also another difference in the meaning of the word ‘Le’. In French, the word ‘Le’ meaning ‘the’ but in Mandarin, ‘Le’ means ‘Happy’.

Now, let us come to the point. This car is going to be one of the most popular electronic products from the Chinese giant ‘LIIT’ Leshi Internet information and technology. Jia Yueting, the founder of Leshi Internet information and technology again used the prefix ‘Le’ as he did apply to his previous products as well like LeTV, which also gained much popularity among the customers world-wide. It is said that, LeTV is the Chinese version of the popular Netfix. So, we can hope that Tesla will be the Chinese edition of Le Car too.

About a year ago, the founder of Leshi Internet information and technology, Jia Yueting declared that he is going to introduce an electric edition of Telsa which is currently developing in his house. The pictures provided above, are the primary drawings of his dream innovation. Though the company has not confirmed about the final release of this electronic car yet, they said that- “We have completed the design language and that is going to be final itself.” In addition to this declaration, the company has already hired 600 new employees to work in this project. Among the employees, 200 of them are in the United States. They also confirmed that these 200 workers are being led by a chief engineer named Tony Nie, who had worked at Lotus Engineering China as a senior project manager for 6 years, from 2005 to 2011. He has been working in this project for almost a year and had scooped up many employees, most of them are from Tesla, General Motors and BMW.

Though Jia Yueting did not mention Bloomberg about the development cost of his new Le Car, he chased out about $1.2 Billion of the company, according to the report of Leshi Internet information and technology. He also loaned back the amount to LeTV as he want to do everything in house related to Le Car. He also included every little aspects of power train. As amazon introduced Kindle tablets and Fire phones, just as the way, LeTV is going to be given a platform of expanding their content business via Le Car.

This Le Car is going to be an extravagant offer undoubtedly. If everything goes well, we will be seeing this modern invention in 2016 at the Beijing Motor Show. This car will be available in market at the beginning of 2018.

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