The brand new Honda Civic is coming in Cyprus. Honda Civic has been launched featuring some awesome sporty elements. Though some of the previous features still appear in this brand new Honda Civic but there are really some amazing features which will make people wowed! The sporty look of the body is undoubtedly praiseworthy.

At first, we found that the front end of new Civic still seems to be very similar to the previous one titled Acura ILX. Though the lower portion that mean the bumper of new Civic is designed specially to look different. What we find in the patent images which was leaked due to security reasons that the air intakes are still the same.

At the back end, we find that the taillights also appears to be similar to previous Civic concept. The taillights are also configured like the previous Civic concept, one small tip is set in the center along with two bigger one. There is also a pair of 18 inch. or 19 inch. Multi spoke wheels.

It is on the air that Honda is just checking the performance of some parts, to be more precise, probably from the parts of next-gen Si or the parts of Type R models launched before. We have already known that this automobile giant is going to launch a brand new Civic Sedan also in this year. They also declared that they will launch a Coupe immediately after Civic Sedan early in the next year.

The Japanese company also said that while these cars will be available in the USA, the European customers will also be offered with new Hatchback by 2017.

Now, let’s see some of the features of this latest Honda Civic at a glance. The new Honda Civic has a sporty looking body style, 5 door hatchback, Parking sensors along with a reverse camera, touch screen panel with Android compatibility, large boot etc. There is also USB and HDMI ports in this brand new Honda Civic. This amazing car is also given facilities like Bluetooth audio playback, auto stop technology etc. apart from these, the car also featured to encourage more laid back style while driving.

This new generation Honda Civic is undoubtedly stable and too safe to drive. This amazing Honda Civic is coming in Cyprus. Honda Civic really feels modern with all the latest features from the giant of automobile era in the world.

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