Lexus Rx is a luxury cross over vehicle. It is a mid-sized car, and a subcompact vehicle which is being sold since the year 1998. It was first manufactured in Japan in 1997 by the Toyota Company. The export sale of Lexus began in March of the year 1998. These are hybrid engine cars specially developed for luxury driving. Four generations of the Lexus RX have been manufactured and produced till now. Since 1997, the Japanese company has earned much acclaim on manufacturing the Lexus brand. Cyprus is a traveler destination in the Mediterranean where many people from UK, Russia and other countries found their new home, who you could often see before the wheel of RX Hybrid.

The first generation vehicle was compact sized. The name of the vehicle was XU10, from the year 1997 to the year 2003. The RX produced was a hybrid of sedan and subcompact car. The second generation was produced during 2003 to 2008. The vehicle was named as XU30. This model had a sleeker design than the previous generation model. It had many upgraded feature than the previous model. In Cyprus, all the brands and models of cars are easily available, as it is considered good car market. So every generation of the Lexus RX is made available there.

The third generation was made during the years 2008 to 2012. It was an upgraded hybrid model of Lexus. The model was called as the AL10. It had electric motors, headlights and taillights made of LED’s. This was introduced in the market in November 2008. The sixth gear option in the third generation has improved the fuel economy for the consumers. It has also a larger cargo space and improved handling. Later in 2010 the RX was upgraded with a battery pack. The battery pack was made with the help of Tesla Motors. It was fitted in to electric vehicle development. The third generation Lexus is easily available in the Cyprus automobile market and at a reasonable price.

The fourth generation Lexus RX was introduced in April of the year 2015. This model of Lexus RX has a Toyota K platform. And has a floating roof design. It has a 300 horsepower engine and 8-speed automatic transmission. This model has about 2 inches larger wheelbase than its previous generation model, which provides more interior room. As the fourth generation of Lexus, RX has been launched it is certainly the brand that has been made available throughout the automobile business in Cyprus.

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