Since 1989, Lexus has sold a series of small, average size and full measure extravagance vehicles called as the Lexus ES. Till now Lexus has introduced six generations of these cars each offering front-wheel-drive format with V6 engines. All the initial models and later models are effortlessly available in the automobile market, but in Cyprus the ES model is rather hard to find. The initial cars till the fifth generation of Lexus ES were based on the Toyota Camry stage. Until 1993, manual transmissions were offered. Later in 2010, inline-four engine, a lower displacement engine, was introduced in Asian markets. And then in 2012 a gasoline-electric hybrid engine was presented. Until 1998, only front wheel drive vehicles were there. “ES” is an acronym for the “Executive Sedan”. Still, some Lexus merchants utilize the acronymic name, "Elegant Sedan". The elegant sedans were made available in Cyprus automobile market after they were launched through imports from Japan and sometimes UK.

Since the introduction of fourth-generation, the company Lexus ES has been aiming for the luxury and comfort segment, with a stress on enhancements on the inside of the car such as ride quality and quietness. In Cyprus, buyers looking for more execution centered models are focused by the Lexus IS an adversary makes, with such models offering a sportier drive with diversely tuned suspensions. In Japan, Europe, and different markets where it is not accessible, the Lexus GS sports cars possess the moderate size classification in the Lexus line-up. But in the Cyprus Automobile market, all generations of Lexus ES are made accessible for the general public through imports.

For the coming 2016 Lexus has made some changing in the designs and models of their cars. They have renewed some cars and upgraded the others by introducing new safety systems. The most detectable change on the outside is the changed shaft grille, with the most recent emphasis having made its overall first presentation at the Shanghai car expo in April. After this expo, it would be accessible in the Cyprus automobile market, as it is a famous car market.

The outcome is a bigger, continuous mouth that now rules the front belt, with just the Lexus identification at the middle separating the consistency of the surface. The headlights are also upgraded. The Led lights are now more squeezed and given a sharper look. The tail is redesigned, provided with sharper steeper angles with a rectangular exhaust strip. These changes are not only limited to the design and appearance of the sedans. These sedans are also given new and upgraded safety system technology which comprises of numerous new and advanced functions.

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