Crossovers cars from BMW have grown in popularity in Cyprus and the BMW wants to keep the customer happier with a new car expected at the Cyprus market and other areas soon. Cyprus X2 is expected to be a five door SUV which is smaller compared to the X4 and it is going to share the same platform as X1 together with its electrical and drive trains system. This model may reach to the showrooms by the end of 2017 with the M performance variant which is over 300hp that followed for the next year. The prototype of the car has already been finished and it was revealed in Geneva Motor Show.

The next Cyprus X2 will be positioned within the second generation X1 with the current X3, a new five door lift back has been set to be at the market in 2017. The debut of the car will be after two and half year of the development program of the car and the company is already under way for the company development and research center in Munich.

The first cars are expected to be tested by BMW in the near future as the first prototype gets finalized. The new platform of the X1 is being used on the BMW upcoming X2 and it is overtly a sporting model because it has to be previewed within the concept form in the early 2016 before the cars reach the market.

The officials of BMW had confirmed that an X2 is going to follow the example given by large X4 with X6 after getting a unique styled body made in steel. The car is going to feature five door layouts with the tailgate which has been set to reach extreme angle which is more practical for X1 with its silhouette like style.

The new Cyprus X2 is going to be offered with the four cylinder engine first while there is possibility that economical three-cylinder unit which will be added to the line-up as the time passes. The car is going to include the powered-up version of the BMW’s B48 engine and it makes the debut for its 2 Series Active Toured in M performance variant with X2 scheduled for the launch in the year 2018. B48 is able to make 228bhp even if it is get to rise to reach 300bhp in some places when some changes to the induction system are made with other tweaks. This is in the move that was set in elevating the performance for a range topping of the X2 to a certain level which is comparable with the Audi RS Q3.

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