A long three month test ride of the Audi A3 e-tron, which is an award winning car has been reviewed and loved by people in Cyprus. In Cyprus, people have driven the car and tested it along for different stretches and comparing them with other similar hybrids in competition which includes the Porsche, Nissan and Toyota. The car has seen amazing response with a whooping sales which started out with initial sales and grew large as the people got aware of its amazing features in Cyprus and other countries.

The car has a beautiful design and amazing interiors which are the first catch points of the car amongst the people in Cyprus. According to some people in Cyprus, this can be one of the best version for a hatchback car, which provides amazing features with a practical perspective to them. The best features of the car include the ease of driving, practical features, ability to use electric power for driving and lower Co2 emission from the car, which are some of the high points for good sales of the car in Cyprus and other countries. The plug in charging needs to be done religiously two times in a day to get the most of the car.

The ideology of the manufacturers to blend the technology with usability is the best part of the car. This is what all the users need. The flexibility in driving modes is great with Audi A3 e-tron. The car provides you a compact feel along with the luxuries that are the best feature of the brand. The battery storage is enough to drive you for more than 30 miles when charged. The charging port is provided in its grille rings for charging at home or other moving points.

The car has shown good results when they were driven at moderate speed modes. There have been many modifications done to fit in the e-tron technology in the skin of the car. The gas tank was minimized in size and was also shifted from the original location. The engine was also reshuffled to make good space for the electronic part of the car. Overall, the car provides you with many additional benefits pertaining to style, comfort and performance. This a definitely a winning car for the feature of lower CO2 emission. This feature is something that all future cars would incorporate as they are the need of the time.

The car is a sure shot winner in Cyprus and other countries where people enjoy driving cars at moderate speeds and also have the ideologies to help the environment in best possible way they can.

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