Renault Duster has been an instant hit in the many markets including Cyprus, due to its amazing looks, style and power. The launch of the car in Cyprus was done in and around 2012 and since then it has been the car of choice for many people in Cyprus. The French makers of Renault now realize the necessity of bringing on some additional fun features and changes to the car to retain the sales of the amazing winner car in Cyprus and other countries.

The car makers have given the signs of rolling out the new generation revamped model of the good old Renault Duster in the year 2016 to 2017. The news is a great one for people in Cyprus who are looking out for combination cars like Renault Duster which contains all great looks, amazing features and powerful performance. The diesel version of the car has been amongst the favorite cars in Cyprus.

The present model of Renault Duster is going to be transformed in to a longer version of car with additional seating space. This means there are chances of having a reshuffling in the interiors and seating arrangements to easily accommodate 7 people in the car in comparison to the present model which can fit 5 people in it. It is also being proposed that the car will have light weight features for addition of more modernized Euro 6 compliant engine family. The most of the styling will stay in and around the original Duster with some minor changes.

It is anticipated that the new model of Duster would be similar to the Duster Oroch which was displayed at the Sao Paulo Motor Show. There can be some changes in the power and engine features with some additional minor changes in the look, style and the majority would be with the change in the capacity and length of the new Duster. The prices of the new improved model have been expected to be from the range of 8.3 lacs, which is a descent pricing for the market. The safety features also would be revamped with some new features to it. The best part about the car is the comfort feel to the drivers which should be retained by the manufactures to sustain the sales of the much loved car of the time. Retaining this feature can bring a great welcome to the revamped car from the consumers.

In the coming time we will share more news and updates on the revamped or added styles, features of the car and launch dates in Cyprus.

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