The new improved version of Lexus GS made a debut at Pebble beach in California. This model is already launched in UK and Cyprus for sale at the official showrooms. These cars have been revamped by giving them a sporty look with infotainment systems, LED headlights and other small changes in the designing of the car. These can be surely placed in the sport sedan categories which provide you with sharper and edgy looks with sedan like luxury. Sporty and edgy cars have always been one of the favorite car styles for people in Cyprus. We could view GS from Lexus as a direct competitor for BWM 5 series and Mercedes E class or Audi A6 in Cyprus.

The earlier versions of the Lexus car have been popular in Cyprus. Now you can see the full stock of used Lexus cars for sale in Cyprus – here. This gives a good sales indication of the new version in Cyprus. It consists of a 2.0 liter four cylinder turbo engine. This leads to transfer of the power to the rear wheels by the eight-speed automatic transmission. The anterior bumper is revamped and shaped with a classy spindle grille. The LED headlights, tail lights and crafted posterior bumper are the other modifications for this car. The interiors of the car include the addition of improvised media system with touch sensing. The other added features include updated safety gears, automatic high beam, lane-keeping assistance and pre-collision braking system. The car also has got its new revamped colors for both interiors and the exteriors.

The machine is power packed along with many other luxurious features added to it to enhance its looks. This includes the machine smoothened wheel designs and aluminium trims. This can work as an amazing option for people who enjoy the feel of owning a sporty car with usages of a normal sedan. The car will stand as a competitor for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. The amazing load up of the features, the prices and detailed specifications of the car will be announced in this month.

The best features which are enhanced in this car along with the modifications on the looks are its safety features. They enhance the faith of the drivers and also provides them with worry free driving experience. The car contains the safety system + which includes safety features like lane keep assistance, pedestrian detection on roads, traffic sign recognition, Adaptive High beam system and All speed adaptive cruise control. These features provides the driver a safe and assisted driving experience.

The car is ready to display its performance and style in selected places, the only part that needs to be confirmed once it is driven, is whether it will be loved by the consumers or not.

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