A was bit of a disappointment Honda followers who were looking out for the release of the Honda NSX in 2015. The owners of the brand have ruled out the chances of the car getting released and shifted it to the year of 2016. The car was show up on the ramp after a gap of 6 months than its original time of release, which was being awaited by car lovers in Cyprus. The company has also informed about the reason for the delay which is due to changes in the engine layout and other detailing on the features of the car.

Americans recognize the NSX as Acura. The spokesperson for the company Honda also confirmed that this delay with Acura also affected the European NSX or the Honda version of Europe as they both originate from the similar factory locations. Information regarding the launch and sales in Cyprus is not yet confirmed by the officials.

The 2015 Geneva motor show was the venue for revelation of the new European Honda NSX. The car is made with a light weight built and a V6 engine which is similar to the other original models. The car being twin turbo charged V6 can drive in all new 9 speeds dual clutch automatic gearbox. According to manufacturers of Honda, the car needs to support the acceleration, gear shifting and brakes, they have placed the engine between the three electric motors. The other electric motors are placed on the front axle. This helps in providing the car with instantaneous torque. The amazing futuristic looks and features are combined with advanced hybrid powertrain. This makes the car to be a great package containing amazing power, performance and killer looks. The striking presence of the car can give you goose bumps instantaneously. The officials from the makers of the NSX car have also assured about the right-hand driving version will also be manufactured.

The interiors of the car are in the orchid color and has other detailing with carbon fiber. This addition of carbon fiber also covers the steering wheel and the binnacle cover. The leather seats provide maximum comfort and classy style to the cars interiors. The wheels are designed as the Signature Y spoke styled and the car also includes fantastic 9 speaker audio system, parking sensors, navigation and satellite radio.

This car is delayed but it will surely prove to be worth the wait for people in Cyprus...

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