From the manufacturers of Hyundai comes the most amazing premium family car made a debut at the Pebble beach concourse. Hyundai has always been the favorite brand among people in Cyprus when it comes to cars. The amazing sleek design and interiors full of comfort and luxury are the best among the similar kinds of car brands. This car is a four seated car with two doors which is a great option for families. It gives people what they need a great combination of premium look still a family car.

The car was designed under the guidance of Peter Schreyer in US. The subtle but substantial look, will make its presence felt. The highlights of this car includes the huge front grille which is very different from the normal mundane designs from Hyundai Genesis, the LED tail lights and the graphite finished alloy wheels. The car is predicted to be an instant hit in Cyprus due to its amazing style and performance. The interiors of the car are made of leather and the space does not let you feel cramped in a small room. This gives the car a very subtle but stunning look. The new technology that is added to this car is the automatic door unlocking and opening system as the driver approaches the car door. This is a great technology addition to the car and will be loved in Cyprus.

The engine of the car is the 5.0 liter V8 engine which consists of 414bhp and 383lb torque to it. These are the signs of power and performance from the car. The car also consists of features which provide good safety to the drivers and passengers. The car contains six air bags and door beams offer utmost protection and safety. It also consists of the Electronic stability control system and traction control system.

The car was scheduled to be initiated for production late this year and was ready to hit the key markets in North America. But, the manufacturers of Hyundai are still under evaluation on the idea of initiating the production of the car. The car is not likely to come to UK.

This car definitely impress you if you are looking for great looks, comfort and descent acceleration power. The cabin and interiors are full of luxury, and can impress the people who look for chic interiors and space. For those who need more performance this can be a bit of a setback, but still tends to pull up to a descent level. This car is a beauty but not as much a beast. The power and performance tend to break out on regular busy streets.

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