Initially, planned to be launched in the rich Arabian countries, the demand of the car in Cyprus will lead automatically take its turn towards the country and this will be one of the successful stories that the car is going to make and will truly prove to be the wisest of the company’s decisions. Sales of the Aston Martin Lagonda will start in Europe and other markets around the globe. Not to be ignored is the car market of Cyprus. The Mediterranean country which is never left unattended by any car manufacturer, especially when they are about to release models such as the Lagonda by Aston Martin. This is due to the competitive edge that the manufacturers gain and is very much appreciated in the country. They have the taste and a wallet, heavy enough to buy such high end products. The price of this luxurious piece is way above other cars made for the higher end of the market. In fact, the price is almost the double of that asked for the Rolls Royce Phantom.

Aston Martin Lagonda, unlike other cars produced by the firm, will only be a special edition car, and the firm will only be manufacturing 200 units of it in total, just like the Vulcan. This has been the idea of the special projects division of the firm. It’s a sure thing that some of these will end up being driven in Cyprus, considering the efforts that the people make to gain such luxuries.

The name is expected to return to Aston Martin’s fleet as an SUV, although this is not a confirmed model. With a 5.9 litre V12 engine the car can reach up to 200mph and pictures of the model were released officially in 2014. It was also seen on a test drive on the roads of England and Oman. In the latter country, the car was tested for 4 weeks and a total distance of around 14,000 thousand miles. It was a test to see how the car’s air conditioning and interior trims performed against the heat ranged from 30 to 50 degree Celsius. Fortunately, the performance of the car was seen to be beyond limits of expectations and this extensive testing programmed turned out to be very successful. Perfect for the weather that it will face in Cyprus, the car will not have much of a problem facing the heat in the summers of the country. So there is one point that we do not have to worry about at all when the vehicles enter the country’s market.

The design given to the 1976 Lagonda by William Towns was used in this new model, that is to be launched almost 40 years later than the one designed by William. This new version will serve as a tribute to the 1976 model. The VH architecture by Aston Martin will be the supporting base this six-speed automatic transmission.

Work on this surprise car started not earlier than a year and a half. It has come as a surprise to the whole industry which expected and SUV. A lot of thinking was done, both on the interiors and especially on the exteriors, where carbon fiber has been used just as it was used in Town’s Lagonda. It is being treated as a heritage, a car with a history and a car with respect. Its size has been thought upon and has been shorter by just a few millimeters than the Rolls Royce Ghost.

Reichman, the chief of the designing department has been very proud at the ideas that were behind this production and how they have been given a physical shape in just of a few months.

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