Cyprus, a country where the GDP per capita is one of the highest, that can be found in the country, has a population of nearly million people. With these statistics, how can one be surprised by the car market that has developed there? It is obvious that the biggest of the car manufacturers would have an eye on the huge profits for which they didn’t need to work too hard.

In a country with such a small population, manufacturers find it tough to make a breakthrough. Here they will need a not only quality of the product but their marketing to be at a high work rate. Both price and non-price competition is going to matter for Vauxhall in the launch of this car.

On its way to the market, is the all new Vauxhall Astra. Claimed by the manufacturers to be better in both design and quality, Vauxhall looks to add some shine to its fleet with the introduction of this multi-version car.

Using the Delta 2 platform, there have been decreases in the dimensions. Despite these smaller dimensions, Vauxhall has been able to come with something more spacious and comfortable on the inside, something that does matter in the eye of the customer. In a country, where the competition is so tough, no car manufacturer can compromise on improvisation and creativity to gain an edge, otherwise you’ll be left far behind.

Astra will be introduced as a vehicle, targeted mainly towards the higher end of the market. This intention of the company has been made clear by what has been provided in the car. A steering wheel with more functions and the installation of a new entertainment system operated by touch, and is supportive of both Android and Apple music applications such as Apple Carplay. Wifi hotspot facility, 24 hours emergency assistant and music playback applications of both, Android and iOS speak of the worth that this car is going to develop.

The chase of a better fleet of cars has led Vauxhall to search for options that make other car manufacturing companies insecure about their position in the market. Going for a better more fuel efficient engine and lower prices are some of the attractions of the soon to be released vehicle. The company wants to focus more on the quality that they send to the market rather than the quantity. This has provided the company with a better opportunity to introduce better car finance schemes.

The bottom of the range version of the vehicle Is loaded with 16inch alloy rims, air conditioning, Bluetooth, radio and an impressive cruise control. Other features like leather seating, bigger rims, sports seating and touch navigation have been added to versions, though, these features come at a higher price. The top of the line model, however, has more electronic features and costs an extra two-thousand pounds, but the features such as climate control and folding side mirrors are worth the price and will attract many. In a country where the winters are mild and the summers are hot, a climate control system will attract almost anyone with sweat on their forehead.

The car has also been modified to act in a more environmental friendly way and different versions have been introduced with different engine capacities in which emissions have been cut down and fuel efficiency has been increased. A high powered bi-turbo diesel engine option is expected to hit the markets this year.

Also, Astra has been powered by all new engines and transmission families but the emphasis is put on the Six-speed manual transmission, which is designed for smaller gear movement and smoother gear shifts so that you enjoy the drive, every time you hit the road.

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