The new design and style of the Fiat 124 Spider are anticipated to have an Abarth version. Abarth styled cars are very popular in Cyprus, especially on compact Fiats. The new Fiat 124 Spider was presented at the Frankfurt motor show 2015 and last November at the Los Angeles Show. The original 124 sport spider had amazing market in the United States earlier. The car may be found and imported to Cyprus from UK.

Fiat had taken over Abarth which started a racing department under the ownership of Fiat. They manufactured many rally cars in Fiat 124 Abarth Rally and many more. The earlier versions of the car has already been very popular in Cyprus and trendy car lovers here in Cyprus always have been on the lookout on better versions of the car. In the more advance times Fiat used the name of Abarth to introduce many trim and performance based cars from them.

The revamped look of 124 Spider has a look inspired from the Mazda MX-5, and this could be a plus point of sales of the car in Cyprus. The cars will also be built in the Hiroshima plant of Mazda. The owners of Mazda are not in the intentions of getting their MX-5 into a performance version and are willing to maintain the purity of their cars. The new styled Fiat is in its new amazing skin and has many other better features with its designing. The Fiat shows improved masculine features incorporated in them. This Abarth version is a fusion of comfort and power. The manufacturers of the car mentions about continuous enhancement in its new version of Abarth.

The car might have a retro feel but the performance and power of the car is going to be the best. This cool amalgamation of two styles will definitely make the car world go crazy. The manufacturers of the car mentioned about their upcoming version of cars which would include comfortable models with extreme Abarth. This is a great car which can provide amazing speed, power and leisure options to all the car lovers. The engine contains 237 horsepower which can be a dream power machine for your need for speed.

The manufacturers of the car would bring out more information on this classy and performance loaded beast. Stay tuned for more information and exciting news on the most awaited car of all time amongst the performance lovers. Follow to get more news and updates on the other two 124 spider version cars.