Sports cars are amongst the favorite style of cars in Cyprus. The New Kia Sportage is great addition in the sporty version of cars and is a sure shot winner in Cyprus. This one is the fourth generation car from the manufacturer. The revamped look of the car has gripped the hearts of many car buyers in Cyprus. Many changes in the designing and styling have improved the look of the car which is something that people in Cyprus would love to flaunt. Some of the changes includes separator on the grille. The lower grille also has become larger than the earlier third generation cars. The front styling and fog lights are arranged to populate the center of the car.

As per the styles and performance of the New KIA Sportage, the car is likely to find a good place in authorized stores of Kia at Cyprus. The sides of car are similar to the earlier traditional SUV with minor changes in the styling. The arches on the wheels have got more defined with sharp edges and lines. The rear look of the car is very similar to Kia Provo. The rear lights for reversing and indications have become more subtle and is seen to be placed separately on the bumper behind.

The improved model has a revamped cabin and the modifications in the car have been created after proper feedback from the customers. Any car which is modified and upgraded after understanding the needs of the customers always gets a good welcome and appreciation from the customers. This can be the best way to introduce a new upgraded version of cars and to make them an instant hit.

The interiors of the car are kept similar in all designs with some variation in the infotainment screen in different car designs. There is a good reduction observed in the number of button operations in the console which is located in the center. The quality of the interiors is of high and rich material. The other features including reversing aids, chargers and stereo systems are the common ones which are used by many car manufacturers.

The car price ranges have not yet been revealed by the manufacturers, but they have confirmed on the launch of the car in next year February. Kia Motors also mentioned about their eco variant car which would come up in the year 2022.

The engine of the car is thought to be a petrol and diesel engines with four-cylinder turbocharge. So be tuned, for more action from the Vroom world and more information on prices of New KIA Sportage in Cyprus.