What’s going to be the new Ready Get Set? Vroom….

This is what every car lover in Cyprus wants to know when it comes to launching and display of new cars – how much time it takes to see theses cars on the roads and to drive them. Cyprus is a country with people who are fond of new cars and technologies related to them.

The Frankfurt motor show 2015 was scheduled on the 17th of September. This is a great opportunity for car lovers in Cyprus to keep on track with the new models of cars from different high end manufacturers. Frankfurt motor show 2015 includes many high-end models from the makers of BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and many more. Here is the short overview of the arrivals on the Frankfurt motor show 2015.

The show stopper car models at Frankfurt motor show 2015 which should be looked out by Car lovers in Cyprus.

- The best in class and the fifth generation Audi A4 displays the best design, style with new and improvised engines.
- Amongst the category of electric SUVs is the Audi e-tron Quattro concept.
- Bentley is out with its most luxurious and pricey car ever. The Bentley Bentayga. This is the car which is surely going to make you skip a heartbeat with its amazing looks and style.
- The series 7 car from BMW is going to grip the minds of people who enjoy light and zippy styled cars. This series of car was ready for sale in the month of October of 2015.
- The second generation car in the SUV categories from BMW is the all new BMW X1.
- Ferrari 488 GTS is a definite show stopper with its amazing twin turbo charged V8 engine and open top style. The dream car of all time will be on sale next spring.
- Another open topped version is the Lamborghini Huracan Spider. The car will be making its debut on the Frankfurt motor show 2015.
- The one of a kind three door car was much awaited and is going to debut in the Frankfurt motor show. The Mercedes Benz C class Coupe is just the car which everybody wants to have an eye on.
- With some changes in style and designs the Porsche 911 series is coming up with its new version of car.

These and many more amazing version cars and debut cars were the highpoints of the Frankfurt motor show 2015. Stay tuned for more information and news on the latest from Cyprus car market updates with