Cyprus is a small country with well-maintained broad roads, which makes driving very comfortable, however public transport is very limited that is why local most of the local people have a car and visitors get a rented car. Most probably you will find most of the local people driving in Cyprus and it is because of the situation that island has a flourishing market for cars. Of course, many families here prefer owning a car to be able to get around quickly. Amongst the current range of family sedans available in Cyprus, KIA’s optima 2015 looks very interesting.

One spin in KIA’s optima 2015 and you might have to change your mind about family sedans being boring rides. Kia has out-done itself with this particular model; it is literally providing a lot of luxury at an affordable price. The features included in Kia’s Optima 2015 are hardly ever seen in other mid-sized family sedans. They have incorporated a heated rear seat to keep you warm through the rainy and cold Cyprus winter, as well as a panoramic glass roof to enjoy the sun.

These features are unheard of in most sedans except some of the luxury sedans, even then not all luxury sedans can boast of having these features. This time round the Optima leaves its competitors way behind with its price, feature, performance and a so far uncontested 10 year warranty period, but if you decide to buy kia in Cyprus the guarantee terms needs to be clarified at the official dealership.

The new version of Optima is taller, wider and longer. The wheel base of the Optima 2015 is stretched by 25mm. These changes were made to allow increased passenger space and more luggage room. Not only will the passengers experience increased leg room by 25 mm, but also more shoulder room. The storage space has also increased from 505 liters in the previous version to 510 liters in the Optima 2015.

Kia has made an effort to reduce the weight as compared to the older version, so as to lessen the level of noise and vibration by using carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, it has also made the body stiffer by using high strength steel for more than fifty percent of the body. Optima can be available with alloy wheels in the sizes of 16, 17 and 18 inches.

Amongst other feature the Optima 2015 boasts of a 7 inches or 8 inches touchscreen as a part of the installed infotainment system. There is also a wireless charger system for mobile phones. The adaptive cruise control is much talked about feature along with the autonomous emergency braking. Assistance in lane keeping and blind spot detection system are some other features to be found in this version.

As already mentioned above, the 2015 version of Kia’s Optima, has truly combined affordability and luxury in a family sedan.

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