Cypriots love their cars. It is no wonder that in every 1000 Cypriots, 736 of them are car owners. Cyprus is the third country (after India and China) that has such a high car density for every 1000 people. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Korean car manufacturing company Hyundai has its eyes set on marketing the latest model of i30 in Cyprus, which is due to hit the markets in 2017. The first glimpse of the Hyundai i30 was caught while it was being test driven close to Nurburgring.

Earlier this year, the facelifted range of Hyundai i30 was presented in the Geneva motor show and word is out that work on a third generation all new version is already underway. Although the first glimpses of the i30 were highly camouflaged due to which the styling still remains a suspense, one can imagine that it will come with a revised grille much like the ones used in the facelifted version and the upgraded i40.

Even though not much is known about the specification of the i30, Hyundai officials have declared that the engine powering will be a turbo charged unit, the technology used for it will be similar to that used in Hyundai’s i20 based WRC car. Hyundai’s rally car currently runs on a four cylinder, 1.6 liter turbo charged petrol engine with 296bhp.

The i30, even in its camouflaged state it looks more or less like the Toyota Pirus where its design is concerned, their front design and headlight area seem to be the same, and similarities can be spotted with their bonnets, windscreens, front benders and front door. But that is only the front area, the back of both the cars is where they greatly differ, the i30 has a flatter roof. The back doors look taller and the hatchback is traditionally upright.

What the interior of the car will look like is highly speculated, but the word on the street is that it sports the same minimalistic look of the Elantra. It seems like Hyundai is seeking an image change from value oriented cars that are rather plain looking to a more upmarket performance oriented car. With this i30 model it is probably looking to give competition to Volkswagen’s Golf SV in Europe.

Hyundai is already known to be amongst the most popular cars to be hired in Cyprus, come 2017, this car is definitely the one to look out for. If you are interested in buy or selling Hyundai car, feel free to use the most popular car buy and sell platform in Cyprus