Owning a car in Cyprus is your best option as there is no effective and regular public transport available there. That said, Cyprus is already known for its high car density which obviously results in crazy rush hour traffic. However, Cyprus is heaven for car manufacturers to sell their cars. It is a beautiful country with well-maintained roads but if you happen to travel to wilderness areas like Akamas Peninsular or Troodos Mountains, a four by four sturdy vehicle is what you should be looking for, the latest model of the Renault Talisman will be apt for you because it is as sturdy as a car can get.

The Renault Talisman, a large family car, comes as a replacement for the Laguna, its design being based on traditional saloons. The name of this car has been chosen for two reasons, firstly ‘Talisman’, being an easy word to pronounce, will be understood world over and secondly, the name signifies protection and power, a notion Renault wants people to associate with this car. This name is already in use in China, and Renault’s decision to use the name with this new model clearly shows it global ambition.

The Talisman will have active dampers with a 4Control, four wheel drive steering system, the four controls being comfort, sport, eco and neutral mode, allowing the driver to switch comfortably between them. The Saloon is 4.85 meters long and 1.87 meters wide. With an all new dash design, the Talisman gets a totally new look inside. It also has an 8.7 inch portrait angle touch screen system, other new technology includes, a Bose surround sound, hand’s free parking and LED head lamps.

The Talisman will offer two petrol, three diesel engines on launch. Renault boasts a CO2 emission of as low as 95gms/km.

Renault’s Talisman has a spacious interior with a 608 liter boot and the latest safety feature, active. It has a strong inbuilt warning system for lane departure, excess speed, traffic sign detection, blind spot alert and a sophisticated cruise control designed inside whereas the exterior has a sloping roof line with large LED lights in the rear to give the car a distinctive look.

The Talisman has been designed with 4 spacious seats and 2 gullwing doors, a luxury saloon with a stylized back end. The materials and controls are soft and ergonomic giving testimony of the touch style concept used.

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