You should consider getting the BMW i3 as it is a perfect car for Cyprus roads and car users. The electric car which has some of the major features of BMW looks different from most other BMW cars in Cyprus

The car is the most efficient car sold in Cyprus in terms of energy in 2016. It is not only a major addition to BMW innovations but also a car that is quickly revolutionizing the auto industry all over the world. Up till very recently, light weight car structures, have in most cases, being reserved for supercars that are expensive and exotic but have not been available for small cars. These small cars are perfect for all cities in Cyprus including Famagusta, Kyrenia and Paphos amongst others.

While a lot of BMW fans may not take it lightly, it has been difficult for the marketers to square it with the remaining lineup. The BMW is not just a perfect car for Cyprus but for car lovers all over the world. Despite being available commercially for over a year, the funky car is sure to give the user an all-electric quiet transportation even if you live in Cyprus urban centers which can sometimes be congested. The car is very silent.

You can easily drive the car on Cyprus open roads and highways. It however, does not have as much road holding as other BMW M cars. The fewer roads holding capacity of the BMW i3 is due to the fact that the car was not designed for car users who love serious with good car holding. On the contrary, it is designed to provide a soothing, capable and calm experience while driving through urban areas, city cores that are parked as well as neighborhoods that are crowded in Cyprus and other countries. The BMW i3 is thus perfect for all of Cyprus big cities.

The physical characteristics of the car are also different from the physical characteristics of a normal BMW car. For instance, it does not have the simulated twin-kidney grilles or the white and blue roundel badge which other BMW cars are known to always have. The new design was launched recently for the BMW i-series car. Despite these new designs, it is still very comfortable to drive in the BMW i3 as its interiors are excellent and bright.

If you are looking for a good replacement or addition to your car garage in Cyprus, you should get the BMW i3.

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