Some images with low resolution which leaked prematurely show the new look of the facelifted Honda CR-Z for the delight of Cyprus Honda car fans. A lot of used and new Honda cars can be seen on local streets, the most popular model is of course Civic as well as CRV. On the other hand the new model Honda CR-Z promises much may it has great chances to compete.

Most of the upgrades were done at the front of the car where the smallest coupe of Honda features new headlights which were modeled after the headlights that were fixed on the newly developed 2016 model of Accord. The bumper which is shapely also features an emphasis of a gray trim piece. The back of the vehicle also had some modifications which include a redesigned bumper and tail lamps which featured a new look. The upgrades on the exterior would of course, include new colors of paint as well as additional designs for the alloy wheel. This new look is sure to appeal to a lot of new honda buyers in Cyprus.

The leaked low resolution images also showed that slight adjustments were carried out inside the car. The slight adjustments in the car’s interior include new pieces of trim, a steering wheel with a design which is slightly different from the previous design as well as a new console in the center. The JDM specification model portrayed in the pictures that were leaked has an electronic brake for parking that is fitted. It is however not certain if the CY specification model will have this particular feature.

It is also not certain if there have been changes made beneath Honda CR-Z’s hood. Honda CR-Z runs on a hybrid of gasoline-electric drivetrain which consists of a four-cylinder 1.5 liter engine as well as a little electric motor.  The power from both sources is able to give 140 lb-ft and 130 horsepower of torque.

During the Motor Show in Tokyo which is took place in October, the upgraded Honda CR-Z would be unveiled to the public. There is also a very high probability that the CY specification model of the Honda CR-Z would be unveiled in the local market soon. The upgraded Honda CR-Z should be available for sale in the first quarter of 2017, but we do not know for sure. If eventually the model does not arrive to the island, interested buyers can look for the option in UK and bring the car over if needed. 

Furthermore, there have been earlier reports which have hinted that a brand new Honda CR-Z model would be introduced for 2018. The reports also stated that this 2018 model would be bigger than the 2015 model. The design is expected to borrow features from Acura NSX and Type R of the Europe-only Honda Civic.

The US specification model of the 2018 Honda CR-Z is expected to use a 280-horseepower turbo which would be modeled after the Type R of Honda Civic as opposed to the gas-electric hybrid technology the 2015 model uses. This model could also be available in Cyprus as soon as they are available commercially.