Toyota is one of the most profitable, economical and widely used cars manufacturers in the world, with a reputation of producing good vehicles that are affordable for the general public as well as making great strides in the fields of innovation and technology, which is why it is one of the most sought after cars in all of Cyprus, owing to its beautiful yet simple and elegant design and good suspension, powered by a fuel cell that offers not only enough power for the car but is completely pollution free in a country as well, where beauty must be preserved not just for the people but for the environment.

            Recently unveiled Mirai at a Rally Championship in Germany, the car was equipped with rally tires and bucket seats, even though Toyota have not made any changes regarding the mechanical aspect of the car, which boasts of going from naught to 60 in about 9 seconds and a particularly low center of gravity that gives drivers something to love about when they’re roaming about in Cyprus and gives the locals maneuverability on the beautiful beaches of the island as well. Toyota has expressed interest in developing hydrogen-powered vehicles because their primary advantage is being pollution free, of immense importance in places of natural beauty like Cyprus itself.

            In other news, the economic conditions in Cyprus have begun to clear up and improve as the economy has taken a turn for the better, beginning a process of growth after almost three years in which there was considerable economic instability and debt had grown on the government considerably. There were several riots as well as boycotts by petrol stations since the owners association demanded that new permits to open stations not be granted to new owners until the implementation of certain sets of laws was done to ensure that the economy wouldn’t be as hard hit as it should have been. Following the appraisal of their demands, the petrol station owners even decided to close down for two days in order to pressurize the government to accept their demands and this caused massive damage to the economy.

           Restructuring of the Greek foreign debt was the trigger for the collapse of the Cypriot economy and Cyprus was perhaps hardest hit by this collapse, causing the economic recession that characterized two to three years of capital controls during this hard period for the Cypriot people.

           However, since the economy seems to have recovered, there is now considerable interest in the Cypriot market again and this will help them go back to a healthy GDP. Anyways, getting back to our topic, if you get a new Toyota Mirai in Cyprus any problems with petrol will not be relevant to you at all, in addition to that the great benefit on road tax is also expected.

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