Whenever you’re on vacation, be it a little excursion to Cyprus by yourself or a family holiday in the beautiful island, the one thing you will always need is good transportation. If you have it, you are not concerned much about how your day goes, just plan the main things. Nevertheless, when you don’t, you know you’re not going to be able to enjoy the time you spend in each place. That is what independent transportation does for you; it makes your life easier and much nicer when you are driving an Audi in Cyprus.

            The best way to travel in the island is to do it while you also enjoy seeing the sights of the exotic places you’re in and if you really want to be able to do that as well as have some fun and not compromise for comfort either, we would suggest and highly recommend that the Audi A3 Convertible with its one-off design is the vehicle for holiday fun.

            The a3 cabrio is a conventional two-door convertible that offers its driver luxury as well as ease of driving. There is only one ‘but’ about the car – if your family is bigger then 3 persons or you are travelling with friends, then the standard audi will not satisfy you due to the lack of stace…

            However, what if we do not look at the conventional new Audi, but take an extraordinary model – stretched Audi a3? Let’s see what is that animal:

            The stretched design of the Audi A3 Cabriolet is basically simply a restructuring of the car that involves the addition of four car doors and a total of eight (yes, eight!) passenger seats to allow you to take those friends of yours who are on holiday with you in Cyprus as well! Wow! Have you ever imagined anything like that?

            The seats are leather upholstered like all of the A3 seats and thus offer complete comfort and luxury to the passengers. The open roof is very helpful in allowing passengers to see the sights in Cyprus while still in the confines if your luxurious car and to watch everything. You can enjoy the open air and the beautiful weather of the beaches of the island in the Mediterranean. You can gaze upon the ancient structures built and eroded over time, dedicated to the old gods of the Greeks, particularly Aphrodite.

            So if you plan on going to Cyprus and are in a bit of a pickle as to how you’re going to travel there, just leave everything else and go for the stretched Audi Cabriolet (if you can find one to rent, of course).

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