Everyone everywhere loves a Mercedes cars and the people in Cyprus are no exception. They enjoy driving a reliable and beautiful car passing busy city center of Nicosia or beachfront roads in Limassol. Here all have seen diesel Mercedes cars [especially e class], but electric is an absolute exception.

          The Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive is the spacious, all-electric, versatile car of your dreams, offering a range of up to 87 miles [about 140 kilometers] when fully charged, enough to last your day in the city and suburbs of Cyprus. The car is intelligent, in that it can actually sense drowsy or sleepy drivers, prevent rear-end collisions with other vehicles and even break for you when it senses that a possible collision might happen, so you can drive peacefully with your children in the backseats while travelling to school.

          The car’s mobile apps even allow you to preheat or cool the cabin [now remember summer in Cyprus], find out its charging status or locate charging station as close to you as possible so you can stay connected to your car even when you’re far away on the beautiful Cypriot beaches!

          Recharging the electric car is as easy as it gets. Just get a charging device from the local suppliers or dealers, plug it in any socket in your house, flip the switch and voila! Technologically perhaps the most important breakthrough is the installation of radar mapping and braking systems that not only keep you safe but also minimize wastage of fuel and offer enhanced economy.

          The car’s performance is another story entirely, taking you from 0-60 mph in just 8 seconds [much fasted then Mercedes b150 diesel], offering you every bit of power and torque and while it’s easy to drive and excellent at maneuverability because of its low center of gravity, it also recharges in under 2 hours to give you up to 60 miles of range.

          The massive increase in the range of the car will only make it that much likeable for all drivers in Cyprus and make driving to work much simpler and easier because who doesn’t want a new Mercedes to drive in? The car has already received good reviews in Europe and some electric cars enthusiasts have already bought shortlisted the new electric Mercedes.

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