Cyprus has been a very good ground for the unveiling of new cars, particularly sedans which are immensely famous in the country and so, it comes as no surprise that the people living in Cyprus have expressed interest in a new concept car that has recently come into the spotlight.

           Previous Opel Insignia diesel or TDI as they may be called have operated primarily as large family car with additional innovative security features such as the Intelligent Lighting System and the Opel Eye, allowing a camera to monitor the space in front and issue warnings for deviations from lanes etc. Such features allow locals drivers relief and relax a bit when they travel or commute to work, especially when having children on board. Still, do not forget – read safety comes first!

           Fairly recently, photographs have popped up indicating the testing of a brand new prototype which is known so far as the 2017 next-gen Vauxhall Insignia and the pictures reveal a lot about the car and its features even though the testing was carried out in relative secrecy and the car was camouflaged the whole time. The concept has sparked and increased interest among Opel fans in Cyprus as the previous model of the car with its economic engines is rather popular in the island.

           The design and styling seems to be heavily inspired by the 2013 Opel Monza concept, featuring a sleek and smooth design along with a hatchback that seems to be taken from the Porsche Panamera, allowing the user easy access of loading and storage capacity in the car.

           Reports have suggested that the car is to grow in length by about 4 inches but the use of lighter materials will instead mean that the car will shed almost 440 pounds of weight in comparison to the contemporary version of the Insignia. That translates into a massive improvement in the fuel economy of the newly designed car.

           Due to a lack of clear photos of the interior of the car and even more effective camouflage inside, it was nearly impossible to understand the interior features that could be seen in the car but massive improvements may not be unexpected, including and not just limited to perhaps a brand new electronic dashboard system inspired, yet again by the 2013 Monza concept.

           The design of the car leads us to believe that the car will probably be a five door sedan but we’ll just have to wait and see whether the car lives up to its reputation as the car that all of Cyprus Opel fans want to see at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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