New Audi A5

2017 presented the world a new car Audi A5 – fast and powerful. It is a dream of every motorist. Germans called Audi A5 “a car for big travels”. In Cyprus, this will also be indispensable by car. Audi A5 is an automobile with multiple safety systems.

A new Audi became greater in length by 17 mm. Left to its own devices the gearbox also shifts up earlier in Comfort, helping efficiency. Rear view moved to the door. A touch screen display at the driver's seat contains all elements of the dashboard. The evolutionary approach to the Audi design means you'll be amazed at the changes in the cabin. This is a great transition to the previous generation of the new A5 coupe. It is a hi-tech feature that fits well with the A5’s well-crafted cabin. Build quality is brilliant throughout, with a simple, but smart layout to the center console adding to the premium feel. On the roads of Cyprus, a new car is extremely stable and resilient. Buying a new car in Cyprus is extremely easy if you visit the web-site Drivuz dot com.

This car serves up a beautifully built cabin, svelte coupe styling and, in the popular C 250 d model we test here, a diesel engine that blends strong efficiency with plenty of performance. Motor cars can provide speeds of up to 190 – 240 horsepower. Detected and acceleration of the machine to all the usual 100 km / h. Auto can type it in 4.7 seconds.

Germans plan to create a separate diesel engine in two versions: the 1.6 and 2 liter. In our A5 test model, the 2.0-litre diesel engine drives the front wheels, which is one of the main differences between the newcomer and the rear-wheel-drive C-Class Coupe it’s up against. The perfect car racing Audi A5 has to Cyprus. Speed ahead for the dream - the new Audi A5.

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New Mercedes 2017

Recently the company Mercedes has created a universal platform of new cars.

New Mercedes heads to Cyprus. Wonderful car in 2017 is a good gift for a motorist. Modern Mercedes is due to go on sale soon after its reveal at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show. The manufacturer calls this model the most intelligent. You can always buy car in Cyprus.

New Mercedes is a universal car. Mercedes is equipped with the latest multimedia systems and a new front bumper design with larger air intakes and altered headlights. Expect LED rear lights and a more muscular rear bumper. Saloon of the car is also increased. It became even more convenient. Mercedes is equipped with a new technology system Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink smartphone.

One of the characteristics of this Mercedes bumper is black plastic. It's safe to assume that the interior will benefit from an updated touchscreen infotainment. Improved security system regulates the movement along the strip. It operates in the case where the car mercedes gla 250 leaves his lane. In addition, the car has a system of external lighting. Thus, it can illuminate the parking lot or illuminate the road in the dark time. Interior of the car corresponds to that which can be seen in a sports car and a Mercedes model gla 250 4matic.

Roads in Cyprus to ride on the new Mercedes dream of every person. Mercedes is able to give confidence to go with the latest technology. Speed, quality and endurance of this car is the future. Mercedes has not released any details on specific updates to the powertrains and chassis, but we do not expect anything more than minor revisions. The 220d and 250d models are likely to get a power. Full details will be revealed after the covers come off the model at the Detroit reveal.

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You can still drive inside the Republic of Cyprus whether you are a Cyprus residence or not with not only a valid Cyprus driving license but you can also drive a motor vehicle inside the Republic of Cyprus if you have a foreign or EU driving license. This article is about this aforementioned valid foreign driving license which can be used inside the Republic of Cyprus if certain stipulations and requirements are met.

To begin if you are a resident in the Republic of Cyprus and are in addition to this also from the European Union or EU then you can drive on your full domestic EU driving license. This is until this EU driving license expires. This full domestic EU driving license is thus a valid foreign driving license in the Republic of Cyprus. You can only drive in the Republic of Cyprus with this full domestic EU driving license if you meet the following requirements. To start your full domestic EU driving license must have been issued by any current EU member state. Next and quite obviously this full domestic EU driving license must still be valid if you want to use it to drive in the Republic of Cyprus or just about anywhere else that is. Lastly, it is imperative that you meet the minimum age requirements to drive in the Republic of Cyprus. This full EU driver’s license requires both a theory test and driving test. These two requisites for this driver’s license.

Furthermore, if the language of your full EU driving license is anything other than English or Greek then it is up to you the driver to supply a translation. This can be done by the Ambassador of your given country or the Cyprus Press and Information Office. Another limitation for a full EU driving license is that you cannot change the address on your full EU Driving license to any address outside the country that issued you with the driving license.

Lastly make sure you renew your full EU driving license before it expires. This renewal process can only be undertaken in the country of your current residence. Also if you lose your full EU Driving license is lost or stolen then you can be issued a new one in the country of your current residence providing you provide proof from the issuing country that you hold a drivers license there.

For more information and clarifications, please address local authorities. Also, please double check the information provided in this overview.

If you are planning on traveling to the Republic of Cyprus and driving you will need to be acquainted with the Republics road safety rules and guidelines. Perhaps you will choose Cyprus Airways to get there but regardless you will need to know these safety guidelines when you arrive if you are hoping on driving safely in the country. This article is thus about road safety in the Republic of Cyprus so if you are interested read on.

To being, Cyprus is a popular tourist destination and as such they have a modern and also quite efficient road and transportation system. Such a modern and efficient road system facilitates relatively safe and easy travel between all of the major cities towns and places of interest found in Cyprus.

A very important road safety point that you must know if you want to drive safely in Cyrus is that in Cyprus drivers drive on the left hand side of the road and not the right hand side of the road. Furthermore, for drivers own safety and the safety of other drivers around them on the roads of Cyprus drivers must adhere to the designated national speed limits. These nationally designated speed limits are as such: On any of Cyprus’s major highways the maximum speed a driver is permitted to go is 100 kilometers per hour whilst drivers driving on these highways or not allowed to, as well, drive under speeds of 65 kilometers per hour. On top of this, unless it has been explicated to be any different the maximum speed limit on any of Cyprus’s inter-urban roads and streets is 80 kilometers per hour. Lastly the usual maximum speed limit in built up areas is 50 kilometers per hour that is in Cyprus. Please do not rely on the information provided at full. Please double-check the official rules with the local authorities.

In addition to abiding by the Republic’s nationally designated speed limits drivers in Cyprus are also not allowed to use hand held mobile phones whilst driving. This is obviously in the better interests of road safety in Cyprus. Also, it is a law that seat belts must be worn by all passengers of a motor vehicle in Cyprus this being both those sitting in front and back seats of the given motor vehicle. Lastly, and defiantly in the aid of road safety in Cyprus it is not permissible and also against the law to operate a motor vehicle whilst having a blood alcohol content in it. To end there are also various organizations like NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) that offer courses tailored towards health and safety.

For more information and clarifications, please address local authorities. Also, please double check the information provided in this overview.

From March 2010 the attaching and writing on any windscreens has become prohibited in Cyprus so you must not attach your Cyprus Tax Disc onto your windscreen as a result of this. This article is about Road Tax Cyprus License. Without any further ado let’s begin.

The Cyprus Road Tax Circulation license is required to drive a motor vehicle on any public road inside the Republic of Cyprus. These Road Tax Circulation Licenses are valid for a period of six months ranging to one year.

The question now arrives at how and when to renew your Road Tax Circulation License. Cyprus Road Tax Circulation Licenses can be renewed from the 7th of January until the 9th of March each year. This is without any penalty being accrued. As from the 10th of March Police will prosecute and after giving drivers a grace period a fine of €10 + 10% of the rate of tax for the vehicle will be applied on renewal of the Road Tax Circulation License. If drivers do not renew their taxes for a period longer than a year more penalties will be accrued.

Now let’s see how to renew your road tax online and pay taxes online. The online road tax renewal procedure requires one to log onto or register an account with by doing so with your email and password. Please note that the site is written in Greek or English. You will require the following documents if you are to renew your road tax online: A Registration document, a Credit Card and the owner’s reference number being the last three digits of their ID number or Passport. You may also require your Insurance certificate if it has not already been entered into the database. Furthermore by using this website and renewing your Cyprus Road Tax License you also have a way in turn to pay such taxes online. So it servers a dual purpose.

In conclusion one requires a valid Cyprus Road Tax license to drive a motor vehicle on any public road inside the Republic of Cyprus. One can also check the appropriate tax car online at Such Road Tax Circulation Licenses are valid for a period of six months to one year and one can renew their Road Tax Circulation License and pay such appropriate taxes online at a site called If such taxes are not paid in time penalties will occur.

For more information and clarifications, please address local authorities. Also, please double check the information provided in this overview.