The Mitsubishi Lancer is considered as a breakthrough in the production and development of Mitsubishi. It has also been known as Colt Lancer. The Lancer was firstly introduced in the year 1973 and since then it is surprising the people of the world with its amazing and stylish models. This compact car has also been sold by the company under different retail chains of Taiwan and Japan. According to the reports, over six million units of Mitsubishi Lancer have been sold all across the world. Today, Mitsubishi Lancer comes in nine different generations. 

Lancer in South Cyprus is easily available for trading on our website. We yield you with a variety of models of Mitsubishi Lancer. Many used Mitsubishi models are also available here at large. Lancer is certainly an amazing creation. The interiors and exteriors of Lancer are marvelous. The 2005 model of the Lancer is well provided with central locking, power steering, electric doors and windows as well as air conditioning. Outside the car, you will encounter amazing alloy wheels and xenon lights. The Lancer 2008 also comprises of similar exteriors and interiors along with a system of cruise control. The 2011 model of the Lancer consists of power steering, air conditioning, central locking and electric windows and mirrors. Altogether, the Lancer is fully furnished with amazing interiors and exteriors. A detailed description of this model is in the video review.

There are certain remarkable features added by the makers to the Mitsubishi Lancer. 

Body-types : The 2005 Lancer is a Sedan and can be driven well all around Limassol and the areas of Agio Mamas, Agridia, Agroas and Agios Thomas. The models of the year 2007 and 2008 too are Sedan. However, the company experimented with the body-type of the Lancer in the year 2011 and 2012 and eventually gave it a full-fledged hatchback look. 

fuel-types: The fuel type of all the models of Mitsubishi Lancer which are Sedan is petrol whereas the hatchback models of the Lancer run on diesel. 

Transmission: Different kinds of transmission are supported by different models of Lancer. All the Sedan models of the Lancer are powered by an automatic transmission except the model of the year 2007. On the other side, the hatchback models of Mitsubishi Lancer are accompanied by a manual transmission. 

Engine size: Mitsubishi Lancer is a power-house whenever it comes to the performance. Thanks to the engine of the car. The engine size of the Lancer varies from model to model. The 2005 model is backed by an engine size of 1.6 l and the engine size of Lancer 2008 is 1.5 l. The engine size of both the hatchback Lancers of the year 2011 and 2012 is 1.9 l. 

Colors: All the models of the Mitsubishi Lancer are available in various basic colors of white, black, silver, beige and blue. 

In contrast to the model of car, this car has Mitsubishi L200.

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2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Review from Drivuz on Vimeo.